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Updates on My Living Room!

By Chaayen

The thing about having your own house is that you can finally design/ deco the house the way you want them. Am not sure about you guys but I have always fantasize about having my own beanbag. Never got one in my earlier years because my parents practically don't really let me buy any big ticket items to put in my bedroom (sad life).

There are a few considerations when it comes to choosing your own beanbag (i) design (including size and colours), comfort and most importantly whether the covers are removable. Now that I have a baby, having removable covers are very crucical because babies spill/ puke milk everywhere. Particularly if you are feeding breastmilk which attracts tons of ants, you should try to ensure your important fabrics can be removed and washed!

Updates on my living room!
My beanbag is from Softrock and we love it! It is our very first furniture in the living room and even now that the place is being furnished with a sofa, this beanbag is still my (and our guests') favourite. We are perpectually playing musical chair to fight who gets to sit on it. If you are not into the typical round shape, you should really check out Softrock as they have beanbags that are of different designs. Mine is the Bohemian ($399) which allows you to recline
They have a nice selection of block colours to choose from and is very easy to match your house's design. The Bohemian has a slit at the side for you to place your remote control though we don't really use it much often. You can easily remove the covers and throw it into the washing machine for a good wash. The fabric doesn't shrink too!
Updates on my living room!
Although beanbags generally are not very good for postures, this one is so comfy I can't care less. As you can see, even our little kiddo is a fan of this beanie. He really enjoys sitting on it while watching the cars zoom by. He still can't sit unassisted so we have to watch him lest he falls. Each beanbag comes with one free exchange of the beans to ensure your comfort. 
Softrock is affiliated to Mrphy which is a designer brand that the Hubs and I have grown to love because of its quirky design. Apart grom the bean bags, Mrphy holds lots of home accessories and deco. Even for the most mundane thing such as a toilet bowl brush, Mrphy has the most amazing designs that brings both character to the house and a smile to our face. :P
Updates on my living room!
Psss...because we love this brand so much, we will be sharing with you a discount code so that you can get 10% off your purchases at Mrphy. Quote "FF10" to enjoy it. Oh, there is free shipping too, so enjoy shopping!

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