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{Updated 2019} Top 10 Best Viral Launch Alternatives: Which Is Better??

Posted on the 21 September 2019 by Jitendra Vaswani @JitendraBlogger
Summary: In this post, we have featured viral launch alternatives that include detailed insights of its pricing, features, functionality and more.

Is there a great alternative to releasing viruses? Which tool should I use to research Amazon FBA products?

Viral Launch is one of the most popular tools Amazon sellers use to find products. However, this does not mean that it is the right tool for everyone.

You can be a beginner looking for a cheaper solution. Or you want to broaden your horizons and expand into markets other than Amazon.

{Updated 2019} Top 10 Best Viral Launch Alternatives: Which Is Better??

Let's get started here.

Top 10 Best Viral Launch Alternatives 2019 Which Is Better??

Algopix is a robust product market research platform that provides online sellers, manufacturers, and brands the capability to access and analyze data about products, market demand, costs, and margins. It also generates actionable and valuable insights out of it.

{Updated 2019} Top 10 Best Viral Launch Alternatives: Which Is Better??

Prісіng Plan

There are 3 plans available:

Monthly Unlimited: $34,99/month, billed monthly

Annual Unlimited: $27,99/month, but billed annually

{Updated 2019} Top 10 Best Viral Launch Alternatives: Which Is Better??

Enterprise Plan: contact for pricing


Try 7 Days Free Tools, no money Transfer required

Brief Algopix Features

The tool offers a product search for:

And then you can search ...

Supported markets
  • Algopix supports 16 different brands:
  • Amazon: USA, UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Australia and Canada
  • eBay: USA, UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy and Australia
  • Walmart: United States
Product search selection Product filters
  • ID Type: ASIN, UPC, EAN13, eBay Item ID, Walmart Object ID or Keywords
  • Market Identification: Use the Algopix algorithm or the market algorithm itself
  • Product condition: new, used, overhauled
  • Execution: freight forwarders or FBA / MCF
  • Sent by: USA USA, UK or Australia
  • Price range included
  • Market selection: only 1 market or 16
{Updated 2019} Top 10 Best Viral Launch Alternatives: Which Is Better??Product search settings: Information about the product search

Pros and Cons

  • Therefore, the tool offers a selection for each product we are looking for
  • Product identifiers
  • Recommended market price
  • Spending details
  • competitive analysis
  • demand level
  • Estimated benefit
  • Total sales estimate
  • Algopix will provide invaluable information such as expense breakdowns, recommended selling price, etc.
  • it provides relevant marketing insights from an integrated Google AdWord analysis
  • Analyze 200+ products at once in a bulk analysis
  • a quick analysis of products in eCommerce environments
  • Greater brand recognition than BridgeTrack (estimated)
  • Offers more frequent discounts and promotions than BridgeTrack

For example, Jungle Scout has its own launch service to deal with your gifts if you decide to. You also have a keyword research tool, list optimizer, product photos and more.


Pricing Plan

{Updated 2019} Top 10 Best Viral Launch Alternatives: Which Is Better??

Jungle Scout is a great alternative to Viral Launch, offering different price plans for all Amazon sellers, from novice to data hunter. You can choose between monthly and annual payments. The latter is more profitable and the different levels cost:

Brief Jungle Scout Features

A Jungle Scout release is a software designed to help you gain market leadership through in-depth market analysis. Its main features include:

The company also offers Amazon sellers a set of tools that can be purchased separately.

  • Product Discovery: A product search tool designed to give you an idea of ​​the product
  • Market Intelligence: A tool that lets you review your product idea
  • Keyword research and management functions
  • List generator and list analyzer
Pros Cons
    Basic plans lack important features
{Updated 2019} Top 10 Best Viral Launch Alternatives: Which Is Better??

Pricing Plan

If you're a beginner on a very low budget, Unicorn Smasher could save the day. This Viral Launch alternative can be downloaded and used for free as long as you like.

Brief Unicorn Smasher features

Pros Cons {Updated 2019} Top 10 Best Viral Launch Alternatives: Which Is Better??
    The estimates are not as accurate as JS's

Pricing Plan

Amazeowl is aimed at beginners and experienced salespeople and offers price plans tailored to each budget and every need.

Brief Amazeowl Features

Amazeowl is an excellent alternative to Viral Launch for beginners or others who want to start with a free package but can evolve as needed. This gives pretty accurate results and the only minor inconvenience is the lack of customer service. Some of the best features are:

Quick Links:

Amzscout is a product search tool for Amazon sellers. He offers


Sales statistics of products sold on Amazon markets monitor competitor lists and track sales history to identify trends.


Pricing Plan

Like Viral Launch, Amzscout comes with a Chrome extension and web application tools. Each product has a different price.

{Updated 2019} Top 10 Best Viral Launch Alternatives: Which Is Better??

Brief Amzscout Features

Amzscout seems to be the twin of Viral Launch. Both services have almost all features in common, including the existence of two separate products. Its main advantage over Viral Launch is the availability of multiple price plans that are adapted to a larger number of users.

Chrome extension

Its best features include:

Web application

Asinspector is a tool that will help you find amazing Amazon products. With Asinspector you can differentiate yourself from your competitors by converting Amazon products to a high ROI and increasing sales.


The products you find with the help of ASINspector look like a very profitable ATM.

    Your database is not updated regularly.
{Updated 2019} Top 10 Best Viral Launch Alternatives: Which Is Better??

Pricing Plan

This Chrome extension is another valid alternative to Viral Launch for those who only use the JS extension anyway. It comes with two payment plans:

Brief Asinspector Features

Asinspector caters for occasional users rather than regular sellers, delivering the most results you'll need for a specific product search. The tool works in many countries and is not only available on Amazon. Among its features you can expect:

Extremely advanced filters like ASIN, a category and keywords simplify the product search.

{Updated 2019} Top 10 Best Viral Launch Alternatives: Which Is Better??Pros

Pricing Plan


As one of Viral Launch's most interesting alternatives, Bigtracker serves vendors in the Amazon market in many countries and offers affordable packages.

Brief Bigtracker Features

The good thing about this product search is available in many countries. Various price plans and a variety of features make it a valuable alternative to Viral Launch. This tool has a friendly interface with the following features:

AMZShark is an amazing tool for sellers who are already established in the Amazon game and should increase their sales.

13 tools in one, covering every step of the sales process: from niche searches and keywords to improve PPC campaigns.

Pros {Updated 2019} Top 10 Best Viral Launch Alternatives: Which Is Better??Cons

Pricing Plan

    Little information about the user experience.

AmzShark, which promises a definitive user experience and unlimited search for keyword browsers and niche searches, is designed for professional marketers who do not fear higher prices. He only has one plan.

Brief AmzShark Features

AMZShark is one of the most expensive alternatives to Viral Launch but includes a number of features, including:

Helium 10 is a global product search and SEO software for Amazon sellers. Tools and features include a search for products and keywords, list optimization, product launches, keyword tracking, competitive espionage, refunds, and more.

{Updated 2019} Top 10 Best Viral Launch Alternatives: Which Is Better??

Pricing Plan

With a number of features and features, helium 10 is one of the most important tools that an Amazon seller needs. Your prices include:


Brief Helium 10 Features


AmaSuite was founded by David Guindon and Chris Guthrie. One of them is an exclusive developer who has worked on many tools before developing AmaSuite, while the other is a well-known and successful Amazon partner.

Pricing Plan

Amasuite is a Viral Launch alternative designed for Amazon sellers and partners. The company recently launched its fifth version of the software, which is currently available for $ 97.

Brief Amasuite features

Amasuite is a tool developed for Amazon partners. Although it can be used for product research, it does not provide accurate results as Viral Launch. Its functions, however, include:

Pros Cons

Countless expansion options

{Updated 2019} Top 10 Best Viral Launch Alternatives: Which Is Better??

When it comes to opening up new markets worldwide, only a few sales tools are as good as Algopix. Algopix offers tools for Amazon, eBay, and Walmart, where Viral Launch is aimed exclusively at the Amazon seller. We cover 16 markets and offer endless expansion possibilities.

{Updated 2019} Top 10 Best Viral Launch Alternatives: Which Is Better??

In addition, it helps to reduce inventory by switching products from one market to another due to fluctuating demand. It also offers the opportunity to make bigger profits by heading for the most profitable market.

Analyze in large quantities


Bulk search is another area where Algopix is ​​an alternative to the release of viruses. With Algopix, you can analyze hundreds of products and view the results in a table. What you can then filter to find the best results and add them to your inventory.

Cons {Updated 2019} Top 10 Best Viral Launch Alternatives: Which Is Better??

One area where Viral Launch is a better option is to optimize the list. Algopix has not yet developed this feature because Amazon, eBay, and Walmart use very different rules for ads.

However, optimizing AI lists is not infallible. And in the end, hiring a pro (if it's affordable) is usually the best solution.

Affordability and value for money

There is also no price competition. Algopix is ​​up to 70% cheaper than the standard virus introduction plan. This is, of course, subject to change. However, Algopix is ​​extremely difficult to overcome in terms of the affordability of online sales tools.

The worldwide launch of Viral is a wise choice for exclusive Amazon sellers. Given the huge markets covered by Algopix, the introduction of viruses seems to be a limiting option.

{Updated 2019} Top 10 Best Viral Launch Alternatives: Which Is Better??

There may be many starting alternatives for viruses. But only a few of them are as affordable and powerful as Algopix. Both programs have a free trial so you can test them before you buy them.

Here's a quick comparison of the features of these two amazing tools for Amazon sellers.

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Conclusion: Top 10 Best Viral Launch Alternatives: Which Is Better??

Viral Launch is probably one of the best tools, but if you do not like it, need a better deal, or are looking for features that Viral Launch does not offer, the above alternatives are among your best bets.

From free solutions for all to more expensive projects for experts, we hope that our list will help you find the right tool to grow your business.

I hope this post suits your purpose well and helped you in getting a detailed insight into viral launch alternatives. And if you liked the post then you can easily share it on various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

{Updated 2019} Top 10 Best Viral Launch Alternatives: Which Is Better??

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