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Update Re Doorway Mosiac in Caledonian Road

By Janeslondon
A while back I wrote about this doorway in N1.
I completely forgot about it until I was looking in the directories for something else along The Cally and found that for at least 1915-39 this was a branch of Frost or Frosts or Frost's*.
This local grocery chain was not as common as say Lipton's, Sainsbury's or Home & Colonial Stores but they did employ the ubiquitous Victorian script style for their 'logo', as per Boots and CocaCola.
I discoved the name Frost at the Cally Rd location – er, why hadn't I checked theis before?
This reminded me of the lovely old shops I photographed Wandsworth which includes this one:

Update re doorway mosiac in Caledonian Road

Doorway mosaic, 114 St John's Hill, Wandsworth

Further sleuthing... here's the full list of their shops in 1939:
Update re doorway mosiac in Caledonian Road

And I found an old pic of how one of their stores might have looked – I am guessing c1910:

Update re doorway mosiac in Caledonian Road

Frost's Stores, location unknown

*My [pedantic?] eye for detail has spotted that the possessive apostophe and/or plural name isn't consistent. As you can see from the 1939 directory, above, they are listed as 'S. Frost & Co. Ltd., provision merchants, yet for the specific Wandsworth entry in the same directory they are shown as 'provision dealers'. I am not about to check them all...!

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