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UPDATE: Ray Rice Has Been Cut by Ravens, ESPN Still Blaming Both Rice and Fiancee’

By Ceboscuit @ceboscuit
September 8, 2014

Got to say I’m impressed with how swiftly and promptly the Ravens dealt with this.  It’s the right move 100 out of 100 times.  Ray Rice would be a dirt spot on this team the entire season and now they can move forward.  The organization can begin to clean up this mess, the team can move forward with the players they have and when asked about this subject, they can simply say that Ray Rice is no longer a member of the Ravens.

Via the clownshow that is ESPN: The Baltimore Ravens terminated running back Ray Rice‘s contract on Monday, hours after TMZ Sports released a video showing him punching his then-fiancée in the face in an Atlantic City hotel elevator in February.

The team had no other comment in its statement announcing Rice’s release.

Then ESPN made sure to kiss the NFL’s ass just enough in the press release to keep their daddy happy…

The NFL says it never saw the video until Monday. The grainy video apparently shows Rice and Janay Palmer in an elevator at the Revel Casino on Feb. 15. Each hits the other before Rice knocks Palmer off her feet and into a railing. Earlier video of Rice dragging Palmer from the elevator has been shown repeatedly, but the video shown Monday showed Rice striking Palmer twice, the second time apparently rendering her unconscious.

Um, “each hits the other before Rice knocks Palmer off her feet…?”  That’s the way ESPN is going to spin this?  Where in that video did she actually “hit” him?  Also, “knocks her off her feet” is about the nicest way you can put what happened to her.  I’d say something a bit more real like, “Ray Rice hit his fiancee’ once and then on the second punch, knocked her unconscious.”  That’s just how I see it.

See the video of the carnage here.

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