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Update on the Epic Fail of Truckers Shutting Down Washington D.C.

Posted on the 11 October 2013 by Doggone

Update on the Epic Fail of Truckers shutting down Washington D.C.Update on the Epic Fail of Truckers shutting down Washington D.C. like the truckers shutting down D.C.
very little truck action
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Update on the Truck Nuts – epic failure

Claims of 100 million shrunk to 1 million, then shrunk to 3,000 truckers.
The reality?  That was  30 trucks and 15 pick-em-up trucks, which then shrunk to around a dozen anything.
You might say the trucker interest kind of 'fell off'...
Update on the Epic Fail of Truckers shutting down Washington D.C.
From the strongly right wing Washington Times:

So far, the ‘Ride for the Constitution’ is a bust

WASHINGTON, October 11, 2013 — The so-called “Ride for the Constitution” that was supposed to bring truckers from states neighboring Washington D.C. to circle the beltway slowing three lanes for three days is, as of this writing, yet another protest bust.
The “thousands of truckers” announced by rally spokespersons Zeena Andrews and Peter Santilli have failed to appear, and observers report few sightings of trucks on the beltway with the signature #T2SDA (Truckers to Shut Down America) stickers and flags.
The Virginia state police dispatch center for Doswell, Virginia, which organizers were using as a staging area for protesting truckers, claim activity is minimal and not of concern. Another staging area, the truck stop and weigh station in Dumfries, Virginia is also light on protesters with the combined estimate of vehicles at 30 large trucks and about 15 pick-up trucks.
Virginia state police have added some extra units on the beltway for precaution, however the public relations office for the Maryland state police says there are no disruptions and it is business as usual.
As of this writing, the entire affair is a bust; another footnote in a non-historical event. There aren’t enough trucks to affect the HOV lanes.
However, the scheduled protest is supposed to be staged at around 3:00 p.m. today, but unless there is a huge turn of events, the singular recipient of gleeful mischievous behavior would go to Earl Conlon.
Barnum and Bailey would be proud

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