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Posted on the 17 March 2016 by Worldwide @thedomains

A couple days ago we wrote about being stolen, Namepros member The Legendary JP appears to have solved the case. The domain was stolen but it was stolen from the original owner.

Ok did a little digging….

I actually tired to buy this name YEARS ago from the long time owner John Little.

John continued to own the name until March 5th at least, then whois changed within Netsol to a Korean KR owner and not 7, yes SEVEN days later sold to our OP.

Red flags everywhere there but I think it is safe to say the name was stolen from John, resold in 7 days to our OP using and Netsol has frozen and taken it back for John.

Case closed, OP learned a lesson now go to bed.

Its now on the OP to hunt the thief down and try to recover funds, escrow cannot help, John Little and Netsol cannot help. At best Netsol could give the OP an IP or something of the thief but still useless really.

OP, bad luck!

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