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Update! Mess to Yes: Episode 2

By Barbarayesspaces @Barbara_Miller

It’s been a busy week here in Portland! This weekend we finished shooting Episode 2 of our Mess to Yes Series, this time focusing on reshaping a storage closet into a practical and welcoming craft area. No easy task for a closet with one light and no windows!

You’ll probably remember the preview we did of this project about a month back. Back then, the closet looked like this:

Mess Small Update! Mess to Yes: Episode 2

The family had made an admirable attempt at creating an inviting space for their kids to create. Dad put down some linoleum to help contain the mess, mom found a great little craft table, and there’s even some hung string to display some of the children’s artwork. However, like so many closets around America, it became primarily a place to hide toys when clean-up time rolled around. As it got more and more cramped, the kids came in less and less. With the door closed the space was also dark and uninviting, so eventually the kids stopped playing and started storing.

Over this last weekend, we implemented a slightly modified version of the plan we put forth in the preview. Next week, we’ll show you how we turned this Mess to Yes, and show you some great ideas you can implement in your own home.

Check back soon for the full video of Mess to Yes: Episode 2, covering closets and craft areas.

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