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UPDATE: Kayvon, Er KEVIN, Edson Is Being Arraigned Today In Court

By Ceboscuit @ceboscuit
April 16, 2014

Via CBS Boston: A Wakefield man will be arraigned Wednesday on several charges connected to a bomb scare at the finish line of the Boston Marathon Tuesday, hours after memorial tributes there.  Kevin Edson, 25, who also goes by the name Kayvon Edson, is charged with disorderly conduct, disturbing the peace, and possession of a hoax device.  He’s will be arraigned in Boston Municipal Court this morning.

Just to remind you…This crazy bastard did this yesterday.


That didn’t take long.  Looks like they are wasting no time with this ass clown and hopefully putting him behind bars immediately and for a long time.  It’s evident this guy has nothing to offer society as a whole. Just put him away so we can all move on.

Also, didn’t appreciate his brother’s comments on Facebook:

I ask for those of you who know my family to take a moment to pray for myself, my sister, my mother, and my father. My dad is an American Hero. The kind of man you hate to see on his last legs sick with cancer. But that is the reality. It is stressful enough as it is.

Another reality is that my brother is a different kind of sick. What he did at the finish line earlier today is absurd and shameful. It should not be considered art or condoned in any way.

Do not play into that. He is a sick person with multiple diagnoses. Unfortunately, no consequences of his abnormal behavior were dire enough for him to shape up before he thought something like this could get him that fame he always chased. Ultimately, he is a disillusioned and very sick individual. I apologize to anyone that takes offense to his actions as his brother.

My family has done all we can to foster Kevin’s mental health. He is an artist. I am an artist. I understand that much. Thank you God that he did not hurt anybody.

Hey bro, slow down with the “he’s an artist” talk.  I’ve got one for you, “he’s a terrorist” or maybe “he’s an asshole” or even “fuck this guy.”  Yeah that’s more like it.

P.S. I hate stuff like this.  First off, why are you trying to make us feel bad for your brother?  I love my family, but if one of them did something like this, the most I’d say in any social media scene is “I’m sorry for the actions of my family member.”  That’s it.  I don’t need you explaining to me his sickness or why he was chasing fame.  He’s a piece of shit, plain and simple.

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