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Upcycle Ideas Digest #3

By Savvybrown @savvybrownblog

Hey there. I apologize for this week’s post being a little late. Beyoncé’s halftime show caused a blackout at my house and I was unable to finish on time. *giggles forever*

Here’s this weeks digest of fun and interesting upcycled and repurposed projects and their sources. Feel free to email me or comment with any questions or ideas that you have!

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1. Upcycled Cork Coasters – This DIY project is great if you drink wine regularly and don’t know what to do with all of those corks. Check out this project here.

2. Geode Bottle Stoppers – Ok so once the corks are out, what do you? Use stones to make new stoppers of course! Check out this nifty project here.

3. Chalkboard Table Runner – This project really isn’t upcycled (But I did NOT know that). That runner is actually contact paper. You could also paint the face of a long mirror with chalkboard paint and use that as a runner as well.This is a great way to show your guests how to pair their wine and cheese! (I also like the red wine glasses that are holding the corks) check out this simple project here.

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1. Colorful Curtain Rods – I think this would be fabulous for a child’s room! You cold easily find rods at Goodwill or even use dowels and finials. Check out this DIY project here. (Her site has all kinds of beautiful projects she’s dine too!)

2. Bright Kitsch Decor – Im sure you could find items like this at the flea market (or even in your basement). Find out how this blogger did this project here.

3. IKEA Hacked Corkboard – Take one IKEA Ung Drill Picture frame, add paint and corks and boom, you have a functional, organizational conversation piece! (Apparently I’m obsessed with corks this week. smh) Find out how they did this project here.


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1. Upcycled Belt Buckle Pendant – This is the most creative use of a belt buckle I have ever seen. Find how this was made here.

2. Upcycled Sweater Bangles – This si a really cute winter accessory! Find out about this really simple project here.

3. Eco Bling  - This cuff was made from reclaimed pieces of other jewelry. This isn’t a DIY project per sé, but you should really check out the stuff on this site to be inspired.

4. Button Statement Rings - I am personally getting ready to do this project myself! I love this idea. Check out how it was done here.

That’s it for this week folks! Stay tuned for next week’s digest. and if you can’t wait that long. follow me on Instagram and Facebook for more tips and tricks. and don’t forget, it’s No Buy Month here at the blog!

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