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Up Next In The Crypto Currency World – Pot Coin

Posted on the 17 March 2014 by Worldwide @thedomains


This could be a trend domain investor’s dream, the combination of a crypto currency and marijuana.  Two of the more popular threads on Namepros are the showcase threads for Marijuan, Pot, Hemp names, and one for showcasing your Bitcoin names.

Roger Huang wrote on Tech Crunch about Pot Coin

It started with one evocative name shouted into the phone from one developer to another: “Potcoin!”

The Founding Fathers had to work for years to craft a Constitution that would grant the government the power to “coin money.” However, three developers in the frozen north, who were only able to provide me with pseudonyms because the businesses and investors they’re associated with would frown upon their new venture, had, within weeks, gone from uttering that single word to creating a cryptocurrency.

Hasoshi, Mr. Jones, and Smokemon 514 (“gotta smoke em all!” he shouts) united online to develop Potcoin, an online Bitcoin-like currency that can be used to store value. It launched on January 21, 2014 — at 4:20 p.m. The Potcoin team is defying conventional banks, money laundering authorities, and the DEA in order to build out a safer way for marijuana dispensaries to deal with daily transactions.

MT.Gox and Bitcoin might have had their problems, but that hasn’t stopped a bunch of alternative cryptocurrencies from trying to steal the spotlight. In this brave new world, Internet trends have become a viable means of supporting real-world causes. It was dogecoins that sent the Jamaican bobsled team to Sochi, Auroracoins that helped the Icelandic people escape from economic disruption, and if the trio of Potcoin developers has its way, it’ll be Potcoins that will help you buy the recently legalized marijuana in Colorado and Washington.

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To save time for those searching PotCoin is registered in:

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