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Unveil Some of the Basics of Arabic Language Learning

By Tlb

Are you interested to learn Arabic language? Yes we all know the difficulties a learner will encounter if it’s going to be his first time to learn it. But isn’t it appropriate to start the learning in its most basic topics? It’s such the Arabic alphabet to start with for this matter.



English: "Arabic Language" in the Arabic Al-Bayan Script (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The internet has really helped us a lot in giving us some bits of knowledge about the basics of Arabic. As for its alphabet details, it has provided well enough. As certain site provided details about each of the alphabets in the Arabic language and we’re going to tackle some of them. Here are the lists.



This is basically the first letter of the Arabic alphabet. If you write it, it’s just as simple as writing a letter “I” on our own English alphabet. At the top of it is the hamzeh. It determines pronunciation.



Second, as we know it, it serves as the letter B in the English language. It has two forms which the the full form stands alone and the other is standing. The short form is used to in the beginning of the word.


Taa and Th’aa

Is there any alphabet in the any language that is considered identical? Well, these two are. These are identical in shape to which dots are the only indicators of the difference. In English, it’s comparison is like the “bd”.


Ge’m (or Ji’Im)

There is actually no equivalent letter in the English alphabet with this letter. In Egypt, this is pronounced like “g”, for go. For other Arab countries, it is otherwise pronounced as “j”.


H’aa & Kh’aa

Joined letters are very common in the Arabic language. These two are the most common ones. Such joined letters change their shape according to their position in the word.


D’al & Dh’al

These are another set of two-lettered letter in Arabic language that learners will be learning. The first word is equivalent to the English term “day”, though it actually has no direct English equivalent at all.


Ray & Z’ay

These two belong to the Arabic alphabet’s disjoined letters. The first letter is like the word “rabbit” in English, so it’s r, while the second is like “zoo”, which makes it like our own z.


Other Arabic letters also include Seen & Sheen, S’aad & D’aad, Taa &Z’aa, A’yn & Gh’aym, Fa’a & Qa’af, Kaaf & Laam, Meem & Noon, The Ha, and Wa’w & Ya’a.


Is it difficult to comprehend? Try choosing to learn Arabic in language school and you will even learn more things about it. A foreign language school is but a reliable source to experience an excellent learning, especially for a language like this. Feel free to dig into the details.


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