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Unusual Accidental Shooting in Indiana

Posted on the 01 March 2013 by Mikeb302000
Stephen GaskeyStephen Gaskey
Local news reports
Preble County authorities said Thursday a shooting incident that injured a burglary suspect Tuesday evening near the Indiana-Ohio border was accidental.
Preble County Sheriff Mike Simpson said Thursday morning neighbors who were attempting to detain Stephen Gaskey until authorities arrived became involved in an altercation with the burglary suspect when a gun fired, striking Gaskey in the leg.

“We don’t think it was purposeful,” Simpson said of the gunshot. “Based on what witnesses said, there was an altercation and there was an accidental discharge of the weapon.”

Neighbors on State Line Road noticed a suspicious vehicle driving up and down the street at about 9 p.m. Tuesday before they saw it parked at 3680 State Line Road.

When they went to check the residence, the neighbors noticed a flashlight shining inside the home, Simpson said.

“They waited for the suspect to come outside, and he was carrying property,” Simpson said. “One of the individuals was armed for protection, and they were attempting to detain the suspect when an altercation took place in the ditch across the street from the home.”

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