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Untouchable by Sibel Hodge

By Pamelascott

A Conspiracy. A cover-up. And a whistle-blower...You think you know who to trust? You're wrong. Untouchable is a chillingly dark psychological thriller from the No 1 Bestselling Author of Look Behind You.

It's Maya and Jamie's anniversary, and she waits with excitement for him to return home for a celebratory dinner. There's a knock at the door. It's the police. Jamie has been found hanging in a local wood.

His death is ruled a suicide, but Maya doesn't believe Jamie would take his own life. Something isn't right. Someone has broken into her house. Someone is watching her. And someone has gone to great lengths to cover up what Jamie was doing before he died.

Maya's grief turns to suspicion, and as she begins to investigate the weeks leading up to Jamie's death, her trail leads her to a place known as "The Big House" and the horrific secrets within. Secrets people will stop at nothing to keep hidden. People linked to the heart of the Establishment who think they're untouchable.

Now Maya has a dangerous decision to make. How far is she prepared to go to reveal the truth?


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(Wonder Women Publishing Ltd, ebook, 18 July 2016, Prime Reading)



This is my first time reading the author.

I enjoyed Untouchable a lot more than it seemed I would at first. I did not engage with the first chunk of the novel. It lacked something. Some chapters are from Jamie's point of view describing horrific things he experienced as a child. Despite the gruesome events, I felt no emotional connection. It just felt like Jamie was discussing something that was no big deal. It's hard to describe exactly what I mean but I felt this bit of the book was flat. Maybe the author was afraid of being too gruesome?

However, around the halfway point the story picks up and I ended up really enjoying it. I liked the twists and turns the book takes as Maya toughens up and vows to seek justice for Jamie. Things really rattle along.

Maya is not the best character. I found her irritating at times until she starts to toughen up and becomes a flesh and blood person.

I loved the way the novel ends. I found events unexpected but totally believable. The justice given is not what I expected at all. In an ideal world, the villains would rot in jail for the rest of their live. In the world in the book this isn't going to happen and I liked where the author chose to take the story.

Untouchable Sibel Hodge

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