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By Lifebeyondselfhq @LifeBeyondSelf

UnpluggedSweet!  Three bars strong on Verizon Wireless network from the La Jolla Coast (park).  This is my first official entry “unplugged” and quite a few steps closer to attaining the freedom to travel with an “office” wherever there is Internet reception, fresh air, a fantastic view and the buzz of the community within earshot.  In front of me is the beautiful ocean; to my right a mother and daughter enjoying a sunset snack with their family dog; to my left a family and friends with no fewer than eight children running about, having fun and enjoying the sea air on this delightful Saturday.

Oh, I remember, the office staff laughed at this idea in 1999 (early 2000); it was a foreign to them to think about the possibilities to blend “work life” with quality living outdoors, especially in a field that is prone to think a brick-and-mortar office is a necessity, not thinking that the needs of people are evolving and therefore, we most evolve in the delivery of services and information.  Times change and transitions are opportunities for us all.

Out of this primordial technological swamp called the Internet are emerging new companies, business models, corporate structures–even new industries. It’s a time of such tumult and confusion that no one can agree on what’s happening…In the five years since the World Wide Web made the Internet usable by mere mortals, everything we thought we knew about business seems questionable (Business Week, 10.04.1999).

How fortuitous to have just read before this entry the Bukido’s Code of the Warrior Spirit (Unleash The Warrior Within):

  1. I will be responsible for my life and my actions.
  2. I will concentrate all the energy of my body and mind on one specific target at a time.
  3. I will develop the ability to remain calm, for even in the worst situations I will find opportunity.
  4. I will spend my time wisely, for it is too precious a commodity to waste.
  5. I will continually challenge myself to learn by exposing myself to others with skills greater than my own.
  6. I will develop patience in all things, for it is the essential quality of a powerful mind.
  7. I will make my capabilities exceed my limitations.
Singing off from my favorite “cubicle” overlooking the ocean, with shoes off, toes in green grass and a welcoming sunset to a fantastic day. 32.842583 -117.272276

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