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Unloyal Yavarkin Tossed from Kachol Lavan

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
MK Gadi Yavarkin just tried to play dirty. Yavarkin is an MK in Kachol Lavan. I should say "was", not "is". The Likud has been courting him because they are trying to solidify the Ethiopian vote.
The Likud offered Yavarkin the 20th spot on the Likud list. Yavarkin, #33 in Kachol Lavan, went back to his bosses and tried to negotiate a higher spot in Kacho Lavan in exchange for staying, or else he'll take the Likud offer.
Gantz and Yaalon conferred (Yavarkin was a member of Yaalon's faction) and threw him out of the list for talking with the Likud about switching allegiances. Good move on their part. Nobody needs a disloyal member.
Now the Likud just approved inserting Yavarkin at slot #20 on the list.
I wonder who will lose out because of it, though possibly nobody because Moshe Kachlon has said he won't be running so abandoning his spot should balance out against Yavarkin taking a spot.
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