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Unlimited Detail - Bruce Robert Dell - Euclideon 2011 Update

Posted on the 11 August 2011 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN
In April 2010, I did a piece about Brisbane Australia-based Bruce Dell's Unlimited Detail engine. With its eyesore colour scheme (at the time) and its repetitive object render style, it looked like one of those classic 'too good to be true' pseudo-Nigerian-lawyer rendering scams. They popped their heads over the parapet and then disappeared for a year.
Well, they're back with a new update and you will not believe what they've achieved.
REAL TIME RENDERING OF 3D SCANNED OBJECTS in full resolution. For example, there's a 'single rock' in this demo that's been scanned in at a resolution of 64 graphic 'atoms' per cubic millimeter. Basically, Dell is claiming they've potentially up'd the polygon count of your 3D entertainment (in software) by 100,000 TIMES.
For example, one of the elephant statues in this demo has 530,000 polygons, and there are rows of them in the scene. All taking lighting, all casting shadows.
Big News is there's now a POLYGON CONVERTER (as recommended in my earlier post's comment) so that artists can export models directly from Maya, 3ds Max or SCANNED REAL WORLD OBJECTS in 'unlimited detail'.

uploaded August 1st 2011 and already has OVER TWO MILLION hits.
Hi everyone. We've been working very hard and we hope you like what we've made. This is just our 1 year report, after which we will probably go quiet again while we finish our work. This demo only shows what was ready at the time, we have a lot of really good stuff here but we are keeping it secret for now. (Yes grumpy forum people, we do have animation, but you'll just have to be patient.)
It's been a busy year, and all is going very well; we only have 9 people working here, but will be hiring a few more soon. We also have another piece of technology that isn't graphics, but does something game related that's also pretty clever, but we'll keep that secret for now.
Kindest Regards, Bruce Robert Dell -- CEO Euclideon.
Only thing I'm waiting for now to justify this tech is the James Cameron's Avatar-kissing skin-rendering lighting/collision benchmark scene in real-time (at 64 'atoms' per cubic millimeter) in a 3D game environment, mentioned as a footnote in my earlier post.

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