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Unknown Feature Of iPhone 13 Which You Don’t Even Think About

Posted on the 20 November 2021 by Jyoti Arora @Jy0tiAr0ra

Apple has announced a new release of the iPhone, the iPhone 13. The phone will have a bigger screen and better resolution than previous models. It will also have an improved camera that can take better pictures in low light. This is not much different from other iPhones released over the last few years, but it does give fans something to look forward to as they wait for Apple’s next major release.

There are many new features that Apple has included in the iPhone 13. The one Feature you don’t think about is the ability to connect your phone directly to an appliance so it can be used as a remote control. It’s certainly not something I ever thought of, but it could come in really handy if you want to change the music or turn on lights with your phone instead of walking across the room and using a remote control. This will save me loads of time when changing up my home entertainment system!

IPhone 13

You may have been using your iPhone 13 for a while now and never even realized that there is a feature hidden inside the phone. This unknown Feature has been in the iPhone 13 since the day it was released, keep visiting for more such tech news and updates.

Every iPhone has some new, exciting features that Apple loves to show off. However, there are some features that you don’t even think of because they seem so insignificant. Check out these ten hidden iPhone 13 features! It will make you wonder how you ever lived without them!

Starts Automatically The Moment It Hears The Sound Of Glass Breaking:

It automatically starts recording the moment it hears the sound of glass breaking. If someone tries to break into your house and steal something, you’ll have a record of their face with a date and time stamp.

In-Built Cooking Timer

The iPhone 13 has a built-in cooking timer that can be set for up to an hour. You no longer need a separate timer if you’re cooking multiple dishes, and the device will automatically shut off when it runs out of time.

iPhone 13 As A Microscope

The iPhone 13 can also be used as a microscope! Set your phone on top of a bug or flower and point the camera at the object in question. You’ll see the object up close instantly!

Spying Detective Quality in iPhone13:

There is also a feature on the iPhone 13 that can alert you if someone is spying on you, but it requires that your phone be connected to another device. If the sensor detects any unusual vibrations or movement coming from your phone, it will emit an alarm to let you know that something strange is going on.

UV Meter Tell You The Strength Of Sun:

It is also equipped with a UV meter that will tell you the strength of the sun outside. If you’re on your way to work and it’s particularly sunny, your iPhone 13 will let you know when to apply sunscreen or wear a hat!

IPhone 13 UV Meter

Automatic Emergency Contacting:

The device has an emergency app that can be accessed from the lock screen. This will guide you through the process of calling 911 when you need help from medical or law enforcement personnel. There is even a button on the app that automatically calls 911 for you in case an accident happens, and you can’t use your phone!

Don’t Text While Driving, iPhone13 Will detect It:

If someone is texting while they’re driving, your iPhone 13 will be able to detect it. It will notify you of the sender’s location, and if they are texting while driving, it will give you the option to call them and warn them not to text while

Appearance Changes Automatically Based On Hot or Cold:

The iPhone 13 has an app that can change its appearance based on how hot or cold it is outside! As your phone gets hotter or colder, its app will adjust accordingly.

iPhone 13 As Parking Feature:

You can use your iPhone 13 to find out where you parked your car! If you’ve ever forgotten where you parked, simply click on the ‘find my car’ button, and it will give you a map of its location.

Siri Can read Your Mind:

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