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University Travel: 10 Ways Students Can Globe-trot for Free

By Russell Deasley @Worlds_Top_10
University Travel: 10 Ways Students Can Globe-trot for FreeUniversity Travel: 10 Ways Students Can Globe-trot for Free

University Travel: 10 Ways Students Can Globe-trot for Free


Students are those easy-going people, who want to discover the world and make new acquaintances. Learners put off the time when they are supposed to become serious and solid men and women. Someone wise said that exploring the world, you will find yourself there also. But how to do that, when you are short of money?

Here are the cheap ways for students to travel. It does not depend on where you live, your nationality or age. The only point, which matters, is the skills you obtain and the life experience in some cases. However, the students, who went through different programs say that employers want to teach a person, who is “tabula rasa”, rather than experienced one.

The most frequently asked questions are “How to get free trips?” or “How to combine traveling with studying?”. The only condition, when you will pass all the difficulties, is not to hesitate. Be confident in your abilities!

Here is a wide range of offers for you:

1. If you want to spend time with others and among partly unknown for you people, feel free to become a volunteer. Travel the world for the free volunteer is the good contact for both sides – the one, who hosts, and the one, who arrives. Exchanging knowledge is interactive studying. Many organisations around the globe, such as VSO (Voluntary Service Overseas), look for students. Young people are expected to do the simply work while helping others and/ or surrounding.

The best, probably, platform, where the students get the latest information about the offers, programs and exchange chances is UNISTUDY. The newest data is there absolutely for free. It includes all the contacts you may need.

2. If you feel like a child inside or your memories about the kid period are more than fresh, then you are welcome to join the AU-PAIR community. It allows the students to travel the world if to be exact – Europe, looking after the babies, toddlers, and kids in general. This offer means also you may fly around the world for free if the distance is that large. It may happen in case the host family will choose you.

The obligations are all about children. The one, who gets such opportunity, will also attend the language courses and move around at weekends for the payments to get from family. Does not it sound cool?

3. The best reply on how to combine traveling and studying will be the holiday. Yes, you did not mishear. It is about spending holidays not only with pleasure but usefulness. It is the best option for those, who are eager to get accustomed to other cultures.

Cruise liners from time to time renew the information with the demands of freshmen on the board. The staff, who is needed, includes waitresses, cooks, hostesses and even administrators. The entertainment program is always interesting. The helpful hand in that department will be necessary either. So, do not be shy to apply and wonder the Earth in a nice company.

4. If we have already touched the theme of vacation, another place, which may require students – resorts near the sea or ocean. The staff there changes more than frequent. It means you may easily become the part of the team. Your creative skills are also needed there. People are resting and relaxing, first of all, from the daily routine. So, make them remember the holiday for long, while also spending time under the sparkling and welcoming Sun.

5. Student travel grants are gaining the popularity all over the world since the time charity organisations were founded. Exchanging for studying will definitely broaden your mind. It may allow you to meet dozens of people to share the “non-material feed”. The scholarships the learners are able to get cover mostly the living expenses and the living budget. Some of them include monthly payment for you to feel more hostile in the strange country.

6. Continuing the topic of education, it should be mentioned that there are also options for high-school students. They are supposed to be undergraduate. The well-known is FLEX. The program is based on the exchange process between USA teenagers and their mates from other lands.

The duration is standard – one year. You will spend it in a family gaining knowledge in the local college, practicing the language and the social skills. If the contact between the FLEX member and the family will not be found, there is a campus with good facilities.

7. If you feel free and not even a bit scared of traveling without any outside support using only your personal experience luggage, the thing which may be useful is international student card (ISIC). There are many variations depending on the country. The point is it gives you discounts practically on everything beginning from tickets to galleries. It is not the answer on how to travel the world without money. However, it is the essential support for the student’s material position.

8. The best source for talkative, energetic and friendly students is web-site Millions of people different ages, but in majority youth, hang out there. They make friends with mates all over the world.
Chatting there is only about advantages. Some of them can be named: language-practice, cultural studies, and new impressions. Of course, it is about new chances to go somewhere for a few days having a shelter at the apartment of your friend. The chatter will be a personal guide around the city either. What will be in return? – The invitation to visit your Motherland.

9. The next our stop will be in the work programs. The first thing, which comes to mind when talking about the job for students is Work&Travel. It is the platform, which supports students going to the USA looking for work and luck. It solves the difficulties with government and employers; also influences the Visa process.

For the best description will stand security, stability, and experience. The managers are aware of all the hardships, which you may face. At the beginning, you are expected to pay a certain amount of money, but be sure you will get the money back with the solid advance. America is the interesting country to discover, to travel and explore!

10. There are also some extremely cute offers, such as a worker to the Chinese Zoo. Your obligation will be to hug the pandas. You will be highly-paid “hugger” and at the same time traveler. Such options do exist even because East countries are unique and unknown. The land holds own secrets and peculiarities. But it is open to the world!
To sum up, the only thing, which wasn’t mentioned is motivation. Maybe, this one – I want to travel the world – will be suitable for you. Keep in mind that the desire can change everything. It may found the basis for the future up-growing.

If you have not decided yet which country to visit, in the cuddles of which culture to fall, use this article as a navigator. The information written here is perfect for those, who cannot afford much but have a strong will to move around. The amount of money is a kind of critical, but the tips are very useful.

Hopefully, you will find this article interesting. The other paper writing service reviews are already waiting for you!

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