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United Nations Condemn Vatican.

By Harry @web_pensioner
type102The united nations report out to-day condemns the Vatican for not doing enough to protect children and to name and prosecute paedophile Priests who carried out these acts. Photo:


People thought the new Pope would turn things around and get this all sorted out to the benefit of the church, it’s people but most of all the children, but all he has done is to start an enquiry which will take about twenty years to report back with the findings that nothing took place and everything is fine.

The Vatican simply moved the paedophile Priests from parish to parish or to a different country were they could carry on molesting children. This has been going on for decades all over the world and no-one knows the try figure of priests or children involved. The children must number in the hundreds of thousands and the priests number in the high tens of thousands.

America alone has just over 5,000 paedophile priests named, Ireland has about 100 so far they are still on the hunt for more.

But the Vatican and the Churches all over the world have records of these happenings but will not bring them together and hand them over to police. Cardinals protect the paedophile Priests  by moving them and protect the Vatican by stopping any threat of court action.

The children are the last thought on the Cardinals mind.

It’s time this new Pope brought the Church kicking and screaming into the 21st century, sack all paedophile Priests and Cardinals who had anything to do with this matter and reports all priests to the police in the country that they live in.

Until then, people will continue to leave or stay away from the church.

Don’t hold you breath for a good result very soon.

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