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Uniregstry’s Affiliate Program To Date: 5,367 Clicks No Transactions, No Revenue

Posted on the 29 April 2014 by Worldwide @thedomains

We turned on the Uniregisty’s Affiliate program about 10 days ago, that places a banner on the bottom of parked pages marketing new gTLD’s registrations.

So far the results have been less than impressive

As you can see below we have had almost 5,500 clicks, no transactions and no revenue.

Today,, wrote about some new landing pages for Franks own portfolio:

“In place of the PPC links, Schilling has put a call to action to encourage visitors to search for domain names ending in a new gTLD extension. The main message on the page says, “ This name is taken in .com, but it may be available in other extensions.” Below this message is a search bar to search for available extensions at Uniregistry, the domain registrar owned by Frank Schilling. On the top of the landing page, there is a message announcing it’s for sale, but it’s much less of a call out than the standard orange bar found on most other DNS-parked landing pages.”

I’m not sure that is going to work either especially if normal PPC revenue is going to be lost.

I wish I could have reported better results.

But at the moment I’m drawing all blanks

I will keep the program up for a while longer and continue to report the results

If I get to 10K clicks with no transactions or revenue we will be removing it


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