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Uniregistry Perks Has Some Scratching Their Heads

Posted on the 08 October 2018 by Worldwide @thedomains

Uniregistry is rolling out Uniregistry Perks, a subscription based service that will determine what you pay for domain names.

Uniregistry Domain Perks

Get instant access to perks on domain names and services.
Choose your plan and enjoy instant savings on registrations, renewals or transfers.

You plug in if you own x number of domains to find out how much you will pay monthly for these “perks”

There is a thread on Namepros where some say they have received an email and others were not emailed.

TonyK2000 gave his take:

Must be a marketing experiment. It is somewhat natural to play with pricing models… So why not to try? Similar to an experiment with Uni (as a registry) announcing price increase on some new strings (.guitars, .sexy etc), but they lost GoDaddy and I think had some staff changes as the result.

Very risky however. Indeed, who are their customers? A lot domainers will leave, as there are comparable alternatives. Some may stay, and will pay asking monthly membership fee (such as those who are using the sales platform with instant transfer). Endusers? No enduser will pay membership fee and enduser prices are already high.

Platform advantages? With all due respect, the platform is still buggy. Unfortunately. I reported various bugs, nobody bothered to fix them. Basic functionality works (not always), advanced functionality may or may not work. An easy example – tasks in “task manager” may be stalled forever.

A real advantage is a safe Cayman jurisdiction. No questions here. A limited number of domains should be better “located” as far from U.S. as possible. If not on registry level (no .com) – then on registrar level. Such as something referring to “Cuba travel” or the like. Uniregistry customers with such domains will also look for alternatives now, and will find other serious non-U.S. based registrars (Hover/Tucows, EasyDNS, – just to name a few).

Good luck to Uni though.

Others have expressed their frustration and will most likely be transferring out. Others believe they will not get the email that their pricing will be going up.

Some scoffed at this line from the correspondence from Uniregistry.

We’re adjusting our pricing on October 31st.
Uniregistry is adjusting domain prices to more accurately reflect the value of our platform.

Will you be leaving Uniregistry if affected?

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