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Unique Father's Day Gifts

By Cait @caitscozycorner
To be honest, my husband is actually an amazing gift giver so at times I feel a little nervous trying to find something that is not only unique but I know that he'll enjoy. I look through pages of items only to get disappointed and then just ask his top 5 things that he is hoping to get ha.
While he appreciates the arts and crafts our 5 year old makes him, or the slobbery kisses our 2 year old gives him, like many parents, he just wants to enjoy the day doing what makes him happy ( aka golf, going out to lunch with friends and then grilling and enjoying a relaxing night with his family. ). Super simple.
In fact, when I asked a lot of you what you were going to be giving your spouse/own Father for the big day ( NEXT SUNDAY ) on my Insta Stories, many of you had some great ideas that I'll also include in this gift guide.
Zach loves getting a pair of Johnston Murphy shoes for work since he wears them 5 out of 7 days of the week. I try to find some cute pairs that aren't just black or brown to wear in various seasons and this year I actually spotted a pair of comfortable loafers for him to enjoy. I think because I kept raving to him about my own casual sneakers that I found for under $14 he wanted something easy to put on and was comfortable to wear running errands or attending a picnic with friends. I shared this sneaker too and he loved the color!
What about for the Dad that loves tailgating or golfing with his buddies? Instead of trying to figure out which golf club he needs, why not get him a Yeti Cooler to hold all of his drinks and keeps it cold in the dead of heat. He actually ordered this for my Mom for Mother's Day ( we're big fans of going to the beach and bringing this ! ) and said he wanted to get one too. This one can hold about 20 12oz cans so you know you're ready to go!
Unique Father's Day Gifts
Does your spouse need to update his beard equipment? I shared about keeping your beard tame a few years ago with a great brand that Zach fell in love with. I found this one for under $50 which is a steal for all the things you get! Plus Zach loves that it comes with a little travel kit so he can take his favorite razor with him on trips for work.
Unique Father's Day Gifts
I saw this portable grill and thought it was amazing! it has a reversible grill top with a flat side and a grilled side, granite stone for slow cooking such as vegetables, eggs or fish and then 6 cheese pans for personal serving! I also love that it's perfect for countertops or small dining spaces so you truly can use it anywhere you go ( or serve in our home ).
Some other items that many of you said you were going to be getting the main man in your life were tumblers with your kids names on it ( hand written ) or socks with your kids faces on it! Those are such great ideas! I can't wait to hear what you're thinking of gifting!
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