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Unemployed Teenagers

By Newsanchormom

I have had a lot of really challenging summer jobs in my lifetime. I was a telemarketer for a basement de-watering company, I pushed and delivered wheelchairs at a hospital, worked as a waitress at a really busy restaurant, managed a sub shop, sold retail for The Limited.. the list goes on and on. I remember one summer it was really hard to find work so I practically begged for a job at an ice cream shop that paid $4.25 an hour(less than minimum wage at the time.) I ended up becoming a lifeguard and getting paid a lot better. So I feel bad for these teenagers who still are unemployed. The summer is half way over!
FROM NBC: Once again this week the numbers on the jobs front were not good: and that's bad news for everyone looking for work-- but especially for teenagers.
The unemployment rate for 16-to-19 year olds is 24-percent. Now, a new study says this could be the worst summer for teen unemployment, on record, with just one out of four who wants a job able to find one.
College students Scarlett Harris and Jennifer White have been friends since seventh grade. Now, they're sharing another experience: searching for a summer job--and coming up empty.
"It's come to the point where I've even applied to like housekeeping positions because I'm so desperate for a job.
White feels special pressure: her mom's out of work after back surgery.
"I can't be too picky.
"I feel like I'm taking too much from her. You know, she's a single parent so I feel like it would be really important for me to have a job."
Are you exchanging today ma'am: Summer jobs teach basic job skills and responsibility. In big cities, there's another consideration.
"You have teens who have time on their hands and are just hanging around and, you know, there is that risk of increased violence." Disappearing federal stimulus dollars are leading cities across the nation to slash summer jobs programs: 36 percent fewer slots than last year in new york, 76 percent fewer in dallas, a whopping 85 percent in los angeles.
Here in Chicago, there are four thousand fewer jobs in places like city parks and public agencies than there were last summer. That's a 22 percent drop. Officials are looking to the private sector and pick up the slack. At Chicago Investment Bank Loop Capital, 20 paid summer internships attracted 140 applicants--double last year.
Among the chosen few: 18-year-old college student David Borom, who applied in January. Other than baby-sitting, he's never worked for pay before..
"I think what really made me successful in my job search was my persistence and determination." A first step in what he hopes will be a bright future.
-NewsAnchorMom Jen
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