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Undesireables/Man And Woman Drama

By Latoya @latoyallawrence

523051-200I am very attractive. Very smart. And I am asexual. I have never been attracted to or ever in any romantic relationship with any male.

Through out the years there have been particular men who have pursued me.

However, I was not fazed in anyway whatsoever. I did not see the point in being with a man as there was nothing that one could do for me mentally, emotionally, physically, or spiritually.

This is a huge world that we live in and everywhere that one turns around there are many people who are in relationships for many different reasons and purposes. Whether it be for emotional stability, financial stability, companionship, attraction, sex-and maybe even love.

I grew up in a single parent home with my mother and her relatives.

I would not have had the circumstances any other way except for having to live with the certain other members of our family, however that is an entirely different story all put together.

At a very early age I did not even think that there was a such thing as a father. I guess that was because I was a female who naturally did not have the need for any male figure.

When I first saw my father at the age of seven-actually recognizing him for who he was-I immediately identified him as a piece of trash. He’d been around me before while I was a baby but I had not been cognizant of him during those particular times.

I could not for the life of me, and even til this day, understand why and how my mother could have actually been bothered with something like him. He was a person who did not deserve a female within her category. Mind-wise they were on totally different levels.

And I, even though unfortunately biologically related to my father am nowhere near his class. My father is not at all within my stature.  I completely take after my mother’s mother’s side of the family.

Growing up I had always been around and had come into contact with different types of men. And I had an uncle who was drug addicted and who would physically and verbally abuse all of the women that he got involved with.

I did not understand why these women put up with him. There was nothing desirable or alluring about my uncle. The only reason that I could think of for these women to tolerate his behavior was due to the fact that they suffered from low self esteem and/or was just as low scale as he was.

I look at a lot of females within the world. How they fight over men, cry over men, and even buy over men with their hard earned money, disability checks, or welfare checks.

In my opinion, no man is anything to fight over, to get hurt over, and darn sure nothing worth spending all of one’s money over.

I would never dream of giving away any of my money to anyone-male or female.

If there is a mutual compliance between people, one doing for the other, sharing due to both who give and take it is alright-but a one and majority sided issue is far off the radar.

The women that allow men to abuse them out of fear and insecurity are also crazy. Especially when they have their children around and they become the next victims. In this day and age, though the world is still unfair and corrupt, there is no reason for anyone to have to endure any form of domestic violence.

These circumstances and situations also have to do with the state of mind that these women and individuals are in because I know that if a man or anyone else tried to abuse or put their hands on me I would kill them. Even if I had to wait to catch them within their sleep. That is just a natural, automatic, instant response on my part.


I am sure that it would inspire tremendous anger in anyone to have someone strike or attack them. The immediate reaction would be to hit and attack them right on back.

However, there are all kinds. Everyone is not the fighting vengeful type.

I cannot logically place undesirability on all men. Nor was I inferring to. There are some distinguished and intellectually vigorous men that exist yet they do not always come around too or very often.

They have their share of poor bred women who consistently bestow havoc and unreasonableness upon them.

The circumstances and situations do fall both ways.

I do believe that there is still an ignorant double standard when it comes between the sexes.

I remember when I was in my early twenties and a female neighbor of mine asked me if I had a boyfriend. I had told her “No. I don’t want no man sitting up underneath me every day”.

The lady was tickled because she thought that my response was funny coming from someone so young. Also because the average females that were in their early twenties were usually very man hungry. I was only food hungry.

I’ve been told that by nature I think like a man. I regarded that statement as an insult. It is an insinuation that by nature the female mind is not suppose to be so ordinarily nonchalant, emotionless (cold), and strong. If I was born the way that I am my gender is irrelevant.

I hate when strong females get stereotyped as trying to be or be like a man. That is definitely a bunch of crap. I loved being a little girl and I enjoy being a woman. And “real women of substance” are naturally strong and independent due to the fact that they are able to give birth and have babies.

There is nothing more stronger than the love or bond between a mother and their child. The nurturing, the protecting, the connection. It all starts and ends within the mind as well as the heart.

No penis can compare to the stature of being a real woman who is encompassed with a brain and self purpose.

There are genuine females who use men for sex whether it be for pleasure, for money, or just to conceive a child then they go and walk away having no remorse and conscience whatsoever.

There are women who do not desire a man who has ran around with a bunch of other women, they are considered “used goods” or “tainted”. Who knows how many diseases those men may have picked up along the way?

All of these true instances are not women who are trying to be or be like men. These are just particular individual human beings who think and feel the way that they do who happen to be of a female gender.

Only narrow minded people think and see things from an ignorant and negative point of view/perspective.

Yes, there are those women who get strung out, whipped, and screwed up within the head. Nevertheless, they do not represent the entire female species. There are plenty of men who fit or fall into that category as well and sometimes they are even much more worse.

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