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Understanding Two Things to Learn Chinese Language

By Tlb

To learn Chinese language means you have to take the opportunity in welcoming its “risks and difficulties”. We would be too unrealistic if we say that it is too east to learn this language. Come on, let’s just be ourselves here. There will really have our own efficient and not-so-efficient ways of handling the difficulties of our language. Needless to say, it always take time—or even longer periods of time—in learning a language such as Chinese especially when we honestly have little or no idea how to speak, write, and listen to the language.

Learn Chinese Language in Shanghai

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But there are, honestly speaking, basic things that you as a Chinese language learner should understand when in comes to learning Chinese language. Three basic things that actually make your Chinese learning faster and more efficient once you decided to take heed of it.

So, here are the two things that you need to focus once you decided to learn Chinese language.

  1. Tones
  2. “Learning a tone well is the key to speaking any dialect of Chinese, and Mandarin is no exception,” written by a post. When time comes that you are unsure or you have temporarily forgotten how to produce certain tones, you should make sure you got them right through constant practice. Of course, matched with the education you will be acquiring once you decided to learn Chinese in Shanghai perhaps, you could sharpen such skills and gradually become an effective Chinese conversationalist.

    Most people seem to underestimate the importance of tones in Chinese language. Most beginner or intermediate level learners tend to justify their “wrong actions” because they think that people will even understand what they are saying even if tones seem so wrong. You must avoid such mediocrity.

  3. Individual Characters
  4. Now this is one of the hardest parts of learning Chinese: its individual characters. If you are a beginner in this idiom, you will really “have your nose bleed” how a certain word fits into one Chinese character. You must have been very confused with every stroke of a pen in a Chinese character into how it actually forms into a word and then eventually becomes a sentence.

Yes, it takes time to learn these things. If you pay less attention to its intricacy, you will have a harder time coping up with the language. That’s why you should know why each stroke is written in a particular direction of the character and understand how it is going to be written that way.

I know Chinese belongs to the category of the most difficult languages known by man today. Do you know that you are fortunate that you have an opportunity to learn this language? Not all people have all the chances to learn this language.

So since you already have this opportunity, make the most of it. Learn Chinese and take heed of these two basic, but very important things to ponder.

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