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Understanding the Significance of Foreign Language Learning

By Tlb
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We all know that foreign language learning is important. The fact that it is even taught in our schools as early as preschool is classic evidence that we must indeed learn a foreign language. Since the most applicable and useful language  in our times today so far is English, with great knowledge, we were given also the responsibility to learn this language in a compulsory manner, somewhat.

But you know, foreign language learning is more than just a subject in our classes in elementary, high school or college. I personally grow up in a country where English is a second language, but I never tend to disregard how this knowledge brings me to where I am today. I’m sure, you are also grateful that you are knowledgeable with English. You must have understood how important English is in our lives.

Foreign language learning is very important. In fact, when you take foreign language courses at your personal or whatever reasons you may have, you actually enable yourself to become open minded with other people’s culture, values and traditions. Do you know that 90% of all Americans cannot understand any language other than English? 7% of the world’s people speak English as their native language, and most of this percentage is spoken by people from different countries around the globe. You and I are fortunate that we are part of this number of people.

According to an article, foreign language learning is encouraged to help people master English. “Studies show that learning a foreign language improves reading scores in English as well as mental flexibility, creativity and high level thinking”, which other resources can prove this to be factual. In other words, giving yourself an opportunity to study English abroad or in your location helps improve your cultural horizons and develop your thinking skills. Very helpful for your mental aspect, isn’t it?

So if you really understand how foreign language learning contributes greatly to a personal and global need, you don’t need to get convinced by reading this article. You will just decide in yourself to learn foreign languages and make a mark for it!

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