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Understanding Stress and Managing It

Posted on the 10 February 2012 by Combi31 @combi31

STRESS WHAT IS IT?Stress generally can be caused by emotional upsets such as feeling upset, angry, tensed, frustration etc. Stress is emotional as well as physical and is part of normal everyday life, everybody experiences stresses and react to it differently. There are some that can cope with stress easily and there are some that don’t cope very well which in turns increases he/she’s stress levels.Signs of stressThere are three main categories of stress they are physical, emotional and behavioural. Physical stress could be tense of muscles, pounding heart, fast or shallow breathing, sweating, headaches, sick feeling in the stomach. Emotional stress may be symptoms of feeling under pressure, feeling tensed, feeling frustrated and irritable, having difficulty concentrating, loss of self confidence, difficulty making decisions, feeling mentally exhausted. Behavioural stress may have symptoms like chewing fingernails or any bad habits like drinking too much, smoking excessively, sleep problems, avoiding social situations and avoiding people etc.As you can see, there are many signs and symptoms of stress that can put you into any of the three categories of stress outlined. Stress is normal and can be overcome by helping yourself to some practical techniques to help you relax and unwind from the tensions of stress.COMMON CAUSE OF STRESSCommon causes of stress can be from work, social, relationships, general everyday pressures. Stress can happen anytime anywhere and sometimes at the most unexpected times of your life. It can cause loss of control in certain situations.STRESS MANAGEMENT WHAT IS IT?We all have our own little ideas of managing stress, and your probably thinking back to the last time you managed stress properly. Well managing stress is about managing ‘You’ yes that’s right ‘You’. When you manage stress you manage yourself and negate the influences and attachments of your stress, it is the time where you give yourself the quality time to yourself, to reflect about yourself, assess your situations, make some simple plans, and dwell on uplifting and positive thoughts. This could mean doing the simple things in life for example taking a walk in the park by yourself, socializing with close friends, meditating, exercising. Managing stress doesn’t have to have a hefty price tag on it; managing stress to some can be the simple things in life which you don’t often get a chance to do on a regular basis. To others it may require a bit of cash for example getting a remedial massage, spoiling yourself with a gift or two. Remember everybody is different and everybody handles stress differently.To re-iterate stress management is about managing ‘you’ managing your stress levels, let’s face it we all experience stress at all different levels. Managing stress is about managing the many aspects of your life to reduce the amounts of stress in your life. Unfortunately we cannot escape stress because it’s a normal part of our life, however we can reduce stress and manage it properly so that we do not build up an enormous amount of stress in the long term. Having stress is one thing but dealing with stress is a totally different thing all together, therefore it is essential that we recognize our stress triggers and recognizing situations that could be causing or contributing to your current stress levels.Stress management is also about learning and developing ways of challenging your negativity and unhelpful thinking that is contributing to your stress levels. At Goal Achievers we are able to help you combat your stress levels and those triggers that are offsetting those emotional upsets and problems.Don’t be afraid to challenge yourself and ask questions, because bottling up stress is harmful to your health and well being, it is better that you do something now than never.Author: John ManningtonArticle Source:

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