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Understanding Clothes: How to Make the Right Choices for You?

By Attireclub @attireclub

When it comes to dressing up, most people do it with a rather big concern, as they feel uncomfortable in the clothes they wear. However, this should not be the case, as fashion should be an extension or an expression of who you are.

So many people feel out of touch with their clothes because they feel that these don't represent them.

Understanding Clothes: How to Make the Right Choices for You?

This means that one should learn how to relate to clothes and to himself in order to feel comfortable in his own clothes.

To do this, there are a few things you should consider when buying clothes.

Firstly, one should understand their lifestyle, as this will dictate a lot of the right clothes. For example, someone who has a very active lifestyle or who spends a lot of time outside will have a wardrobe that will feature more jackets, more outerwear and more waterproof clothes than the wardrobe of someone who stays mostly in or who lives in a constant, warm climate.

This brings us to our second point: the weather conditions in which you live also have a big say on what you wear. Your clothes should respond not just to general weather conditions (a trench coat for rain, t-shirts for sunny days), but also to more nuanced contexts such as whether it is humid or not, as different materials react differently to humidity.

Understanding Clothes: How to Make the Right Choices for You?

These elements create the frame in which you choose clothes, but the real process of dressing up starts when you begin to do some soul-searching. Fundamentally, for clothes to be comfortable from an emotional point of view, one should really know himself. Try to see yourself as a film character and imagine what the character does and what he looks like. This could be a great tool for self-discovery and will also help you find your style. Inspiration can also be found, of course, in magazines and blogs, but you can also discover a lot of amazing things by scrolling through websites like, where you can also shop for things (and even find a great sale).

Once you have these things down, it all comes down to the individual pieces. These should be picked based on the context for which you buy them. For example, an evening party will most likely be more formal than a lunch garden party.

The fact that the occasion is an important element in choosing your clothes should be obvious, but one should think a lot more nuanced. For example, you may want to dress well when traveling, but sitting for long hours on a plane or a train can get tiring. In this situation, athleisure could be the right solution.

In short, you should always think in a nuanced way about the things you wear, and you should be all set.

What needs to be added more is that, if you are buying clothes for somebody else, adults or children, you should consider these things as well. There are places where you can get pretty much everything for children, and you will notice there that these places offer a lot of flexible, easy-to-wear things, because this is what children need.

All in all, it should be said that people who take the time to think about their clothes and accessories in a more nuanced way will not only look good, but they will also feel comfortable and, above all, confident. And this is what true style is all about.

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