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Under Those Piles of Reports: Rainbow Waltz

Posted on the 14 August 2013 by Kaminomi @OrganizationASG
Rainbow Waltz

I think we know the target audience for this work

Man, this is Ultimate Venus all over again!!!…Except more Otome based and just not really all that good.

Poor Rainbow Waltz. I might have cut some slack for this title had I not read a volume of a manga already better than it, because the premise is almost similar. Shizuka Sakuramori was once a girl who lived an ordinary life. I say once a girl who lived an ordinary life because her mom ended up making a promise that once she had two or more daughters, one of them would become the heir to the Rurinomiya line. It just so happens that without Shizuka consenting, she now has to become the head of the Rurinomiya line, and this comes right after she tells her friends that when she was growing up she wanted to become a princess because her parents said she would. You can pretty much bet she never expected this…nor the entourage of pretty boys as butlers at her beck and call.

Rainbow Waltz

Who records stuff like this anyways?!?!

I actually don’t have a lot of hope for this. It’s all because of the premise and the characters in said premise. A girl thrust into the role of a Princess due to conveniences? Say it ain’t so! And she has to eventually choose what Butler becomes her own exclusive helper? Erp. My expectations went from “this might be ok” to “man this is just going to be boring isn’t it”, and this mostly ties into the other problem of Rainbow Waltz: it’s characters, or the lack of any development of them. Yeah, it’s one chapter, except I just read a shoujo manga where it’s very first chapter got me behind its main character immediately. It may have had something to do with her backstory, but that backstory was there for me to care for her. On the other hand…there’s no such thing as one for Shizuka at this moment. All there is is pretty butlers. And me wondering if Shizuka will actually be important in the family scheme of things, as opposed to just being there to fawn over all the butlers.

So yeah, Renta has this up for free (you do have to register though) until August 20, so you can choose to see what it’s like, but aside from the ok artwork, this has all the makings of a work I can’t care for. The question will then become will you care about it?

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