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Under Those Piles of Reports: Digimon Adventure 2

Posted on the 31 July 2013 by Kaminomi @OrganizationASG

Digimon 2

So at the moment, I’m supposed to be doing a top secret project that involves Digimon. At least, the first two seasons of Digimon, and hopefully I can have that up at the end of the week. But I might as well share that I’m watching and half re-living my childhood by watching the sequel to Season 1. I blame Ayame for this.

Anyways, I’ve watched the first couple episodes of Digimon Adventure 2 — you know, where the cast of characters have to establish who they are, just like in the first season. The difference this time is the amount of children, and two of S1′s mainstays, T.K (Takeru) and Kari (Hikari), return as main characters for the new crew: Davis (Daisuke), Yolei (Miyako), and Cody (Iori). The biggest advantage Season 2 has is how it manages to link back to S1, and with a more established protocol on how to evolve (“Digimental Up!” in Japanese), as opposed to evolving due to some unknown power the 8 DigiDestined had that made their Digimon evolve. No seriously, weren’t any of you weirded out by that?

Digimon 2 1

I had watched this subbed a few years ago, and I was surprised. I didn’t think Digimon 2 was all that good, but I go and watch it subbed, and all of a sudden, it’s really fun stuff. In re-watching it now, one of the reasons why is because of how these characters are. I think they were changed so drastically in the dub version that while it maintained respectability, there were certain instances where, with the dub being for kids, it made some moments stick out as mediocre. Now, I’ll find out soon enough if this is the case when I finally get around to watching the dub (I will at some point, honest!), but otherwise, it’s a kids show in Japan that’s not censored or changed in a manner that really messes things up, and I can enjoy it a bit more. That and the music. Yeah, DIGIMON, DIGITAL MONSTERS is cool, but maybe it was time for a change up in S2.

Digimon 2

This is too moe for me tho.

If you have not watched the subbed version of Digimon, go watch it on Crunchyroll if you can. I’m telling you, if you have watched the dub and you were not all that impressed, I’m going to bet you will be when you get around to watching it subbed. And hopefully, you’ll respect it a bit more than you thought.

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