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Under Those Piles of Reports: Blazing Transfer Student

Posted on the 23 August 2013 by Kaminomi @OrganizationASG
Blazing Transfer Student

This happens a lot to our main character btw

…I think the only thing I can say about Blazing Transfer Student is that it’s an experience. An unmitigated, disastrous, inconceivable experience that my words will not do this OVA justice.

…This is some “what the hell did I just watch “territory stuff.

Blazing Transfer Student

Like I said, some “what the hell did I just watch” territory

I guess I should start with a bit of normalcy. Blazing Transfer Student is a 1983 shounen manga by Kazuhiko Shimamoto. It was serialized in Weekly Shonen Sunday for 2 years, and had 12 volumes released. For some reason, Gainax decided to adapt some of the story, and hence we get the OVA. The story in the anime starts us off with Takizawa Noboru, a transfer student who just arrived at his school, Jyakuniku High School.

Normalcy over.

In the minute Takizawa arrives at the school, he ends up stepping on a landmine. Then he is psychologically screwed over by the guy on duty, Jounouchi. How does he psychologically screw Takizawa over? By taking advantage of logic: Takizawa was told to arrive an hour late to school, but this school does not accept being late, and Jounouchi reminded him of that. When Takizawa relayed the information to Jounouchi, Jounouchi then asked him this:

“So if a teacher told you to die, would you die?”

Blazing Transfer Student

Blazing Transfer Student


This is not the first, nor the last, time where this sort of logic occurs. And the only proper thing for me to do was to laugh and smile. It only manages to get more absurd as the anime goes on. Rooted deeply in shounen values, it really nails the hot-blooded, will survive through anything characters that makes everything work out well, even when the plot (if there’s even a plot) turns to the dumb. Though really, it’s a bunch of kids fighting with all their heart…and soul!

But I do not kid you. If you get a chance to watch this, expect the unexpected and expect logic that does not fly in the face of conventional wisdom. Oh, and also expect some really petty fights. How petty you ask? Well, the main antagonist in this anime, Ibuki, trips Takizawa over when he arrives in their classroom. He then challenges Takizawa into a fight, and despite Sensei forbidding it, Ibuki says that since Takizawa is now in their classroom, he has to accept the school’s rules. So yeah, they end up fighting. Takizawa did not stand a chance. And so, instead of Takizawa getting the back seat, Ibuki does.

Yes, they fought over the back seat. I…I don’t know why either.

Blazing Transfer Student

Don’t worry, they do fight for more tangible reasons. It involves killing defeating a referee. Right, defeating a ref.

The visuals, as you can tell, are pretty old, and has a mix of stuff like Devilman and a few other classic styles in it, and it’s not too bad. They really recycle a bunch of animation in this OVA though. Their usage of the extras (basically the students in the background) is great. It makes everything just as what the hell as this OVA could possibly be, and the voices of the characters are done fairly well too. The music though…I’m not too big a fan of it. Some of the dramatic stuff worked, but others aren’t quite so memorable.

Anyways, Blazing Transfer Student has warped logic. It has no real story. It has way too many hot-blooded characters for an OVA. It has a Stone Lion on top of the school.

Blazing Transfer Student

Like how much did this cost to put that on there? And why would someone put that on there?!?

And yes, I think I really do like this anime. And I also think I described this anime as I best I could without ruining the possible fun you could gain by watching this yourself somewhere. Go have fun with this.

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