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Uncovering the Seed of the You God Created

By Writerinterrupted @writerinterrupt

Uncovering the Seed of the You God CreatedGod made you with a specific purpose in mind. It would be easy to find that purpose if it were not for one thing . . . we have to live in this world. That means that from the moment you are born your purpose seed, the one that God designed, gets bombarded with expectations of the family, rules of society and anything else that might cover it up.

The earlier you recognize that your path is unique and might be contrary to the world the less baggage will be covering your seed. Most of us start looking after the world has piled plenty of layers. Picture a seed, capsulated in layers like an onion. You have to invest the effort to uncover the seed while not digging so deep you lose the seed in the search.

Tips for Uncovering Your Purpose Seed

- Take your time.It may seem like you need to decide right this moment, but you have time to step back and pray about it. Wait for a moment of peace to take your next step.

- Be persistent. The seed may be buried under so many layers that it seems easier to walk way than to keep trying. Just keep digging. Take a break if you must, but never give up looking for that purpose seed.

- Keep moving. Think about the project like an onion (without the tear drawing smell – most of the time). You will peel back a layer and think you are on track to finding your purpose seed when you discover yet another layer that needs to be peeled back. Just keep peeling – one layer at a time – and you will eventually reach the seed inside.

- Be patient. God took His time when weaving the you that He designed. Give His creation time to come into that design. All those things that are worth having are worth the wait.

- Listen to the instructions. Getting to your purpose seed will not require the same steps that uncovering mine required. We are each on a unique journey, and you have to listen to the directions to be sure that you get to the right place (and at the right time).

The world covers the purpose that God designed with stuff. Getting rid of that stuff can be difficult and painful, but it is possible. Start peeling and you will discover that underneath all of the crude the world has poured over you is hidden the treasure of the purpose seed God planted.

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