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Uncovering the Key Mechanisms to Secure Your PDF

Posted on the 12 March 2019 by Witselx9

Security is an important concern for pdf files and you do not want people to copy your pdf files. The good news is that most of the pdf editors have different options so that you can keep your pdf secure. We will discuss some of these methods here.

Uncovering the Key Mechanisms to Secure your PDF

Securing your PDF

Define a Password for your PDF File

The simplest way to keep your pdf secure is through a password protector tool. If your pdf editor offers a password protector tool, then people who do not know the password of your file will not be able to access it by any means.

For password protection, you need to select the file of your choice and create a customized password. It is essential that you should define your password of about seven characters or more. It should include symbols, capital letters, and numeric characters. It will also not be a bad idea to update the password of your pdf from time to time to keep it secure.

Now, most people get concerned about how they need to unlock their pdf once they set the password.

Well, if you go for a good quality pdf editor, then you will be able to get access to a password remover tool as well. For example, sodapdf is an excellent option in this regard. What makes this pdf editor stand out is the split pdf feature.

The split pdf feature helps to split the pages of your pdf. If you have some redundant content in your file that you wish to remove, then you can remove it by extracting the pages from your pdf. The best part is that when you split the pdf you will not lose the layout and structure of your file. To secure your new pdf you can define a password for your file.

If you feel the need to share your password protected file, then you can share the credentials in an email.

Define Restrictions

Some of the pdf editors also allow the user to define restrictions for pdf editing. For example, you can limit the user to rotating, deleting or inserting pages. In some cases, you may allow other users to sign your pdf.

Sometimes you only want the users to comment on your pdf. In that case, you should go for an editor that gives you the exclusive facility to define the restrictions in a way that the onlooker can only comment and not edit your pdf.

If your concern is that you do not want users to copy the content of your pdf, then choose an editor that restricts the users from making any changes to your pdf except page extraction.

Some of the pdf editors also have options to restrict the editing of the pdf. If you decide to allow the printing of your document, then you can also define resolution restrictions. For example, you may allow only low-resolution printing for your pdf.

Another good approach to protect your pdf from getting copied is to convert it into a jpeg image.

If you are not willing to make any compromises on the security of your pdf, then make sure that you go through the site of your chosen pdf editor in detail. Check out if it offers any exclusive features to keep the pdf safe.

Secondly, if you have any queries in this regard make sure that you raise it to the support team. If they have the necessary answers to your questions, then this means that you are walking in the right direction. If not, then you should consider opting for another editor.

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