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Ultra High-Definition (UHD) TV by Samsung

Posted on the 10 October 2013 by Jyoti Arora @Jy0tiAr0ra
F9000 UHD

F9000 UHD

If you care to ponder, you’ll realize that these days people spend more time looking at the screens of television, computer and mobiles etc, than at each other. Computers and mobiles have almost become an essential need for life sustenance. And proper digestion of food is not possible for most people now unless the intake of food is accompanied by a proper dose of Television.

And now, with the advent of Smart TV, the addictive powers of computers, smartphones and television are joining forces. And the television is no more an idiot box. It’s getting smart, super smart. Staying away from the television is sure going to get even harder now!

Just yesterday, I checked out Samsung’s latest edition to their HD Smart TVs. It was gorgeous of course. And the world on it actually looked brighter and clearer than it does in reality! But of course, while the beauty of nature is free for all, one has to spend a really hefty amount to watch Her beauty enhanced on this TV.


This latest Smart TV, Samsung’s F9000 series of Ultra High-Definition (UHD) TV, was unveiled in New Delhi, on October 9, 2013.

The Samsung UHD F9000 boasts of an unparalleled viewing experience powered by over eight million pixels that gives it a resolution which is four times higher than any other Full HD television, This super high resolution and the large size of the screen really delivers a most stunning picture quality. The Quadmatic Picture Engine of the F9000 aides in augmenting the picture quality and perfecting the color and contrast of the images. Whether the content is sourced from SD, HD or Full HD, this Quadmatic Picture Engine adapts and improves the source image by eliminating the visual noise and improving the detail and sharpness of the images before finally up-scaling the picture for the UHD display. The Precision Black Pro technology and Micro Dimming Ultimate feature of F9000 further helps in keeping the images bright and crisp. In terms of sound, F9000 can deliver a powerful 70W sound experience to enhance the TV viewing experience even further.

Design: The design of UHD F9000 is minimalist. It has a narrow bezel with a metallic finish. The desine ensures that the built-in speaker and sub-woofers stay hidden.

One Connect Box: Provides an easy and convenient way to connect other multimedia player devices to the television set, without causing a cable clutter.

Future Ready: Using the Samsung’s Evolution Kit, UHD F9000 also has the ability to upgrade its software and hardware features over time.


Motion Command

Voice and Motion Control: UHD F9000, of course, is no idiot box. It’s a smart TV. So it can understand you very well and can respond to your hand gestures and voice command. That is, using motion and voice command, you can easily adjust the volume, change channels, content source etc.


The Samsung Smart Hub: Now, a device can’t be called smart these days unless it has the capability of using smart apps. UHD F9000 comes loaded with several apps, and more compatible apps can be downloaded from Samsung App Sore. It has a simple three-panel layout that turns its start screen into  an entertainment and social hub,

The Messaging App of the Smartphone being operated from the TV

The Messaging App of the Smartphone being operated from the TV

Wireless Content Sharing: Through features like Screen Mirroring, users can connect F9000 with their smartphones or Tabs. Once the devices are connected, one can control the smartphone and watch its display from the big screen of the F9000. The Smart View feature also allows the users to stream the content from the TV onto their mobile devices. This feature allows for Clone View or Dual View, that is, the users can either watch the same content on both the devices, or stream different content on them.

Camera: F9000 has a built-in camera so it can be used for for video chat, and also for capturing photos and videos.

Size:  As yet, Samsung has made available three screen sizes for their UHD televisions. These are  55-inch, 65-inch and also 85-inch 85S9 UHD TV.

Price: The superior viewing experience of these UHD Televisions doesn’t come cheap. In India, these would be available at Rs 3.29 lakh for 55 inch, Rs 4.39 lakh for 65 inch and Rs. 28 lakh for 85S9 (85 inch) Smart Tv.



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