Ultimate Guide To Know What Are Beard Oils And How To Use

Posted on the 18 December 2019 by Leopassion @leopassion20

Beard oil is a kind of cosmetic items that works as a conditioner that is used to soften or moisturize the beard hair. It is so effective as its main aim is to moisturize or nourish the skin under the beard. People who are facing beard issues, who want to grow or make their beard look soft, smooth, and shiny can use this product. As this oil can help to keep the beards look softer, tamer, and fuller, on the other hand, it helps to grow the beard hair as well.

If you want to know much more about the uses and benefits then keep reading this article, in fact, in this article you will get to know that how can you use beard oils and how you can make your own.

Why beard oils are useful and why people use them

Why beard oils are useful and why people use them?

  • Can Help to tame the beard

As we know that beard hair looks more rough and dead in texture than your hair on the head. With this product, you can soften your beard hair and can add shine just to make them look alive. It also helps to tame the thinner beard hair so that your whole beard looks more stylish and neat.

  • Can Nourisher the skin beneath

With this cosmetic product, you can keep your skin supple and healthy beneath your beard hair. In fact, if you are dealing with beard dandruff or facing itching then, beard oil can also help to reduce such occurrences.

  • Can make your beard look fuller

This product is so useful as it can help to make your scraggly beard look neater, stylish, and lusher that’s what every man wants. Therefore, most of the men of this age, utilize beard oil to make their thinner beard look fuller as it helps in growing your beard hair.

  • Can help to make your beard smell good

You can use Beard oil as a cologne as it smells good and can make anyone feel great. When it comes to make your own beard oil at home, you can choose your own fragrance as you like, or you can buy a beard oil from a market which has a scent of your choice.

Does beard oil helps to uplift hair growth of beard?

  • Scientifically not proven yet

Well, if we see scientifically then it hasn’t proven that beard oils can help to grow beard hair. But there is unscientific or unreliable evidence that shows that some of the essential oils that are used in the formation of the beard oils, help to support or promote beard hair growth. Essential oils like, bay leaf, ylang ylang, and any other essential oils that are high in antioxidants.

  • More productive as a moisturizer

Beard oil is the most productive or effective when it is used as a nourisher or moisturizer for the skin beneath the beard hair. After applying it, you will see the improvement in the visual appearance and the condition of your skin and beard as soon as you start applying it on your beard.

Always keep that thing in mind, that all types of skin, whether it is dry or oily skin, all need to be moisturized or nourished. On the other hand, if you have sensitive skin or you are facing acne problems, then always use that beard oil that contain essential oils with anti-inflammatory and antibacterial elements. Like, cinnamon and tea tree oil.

From which thing beard oil is typically made of?

Beard oil is technically made from some essential oils and a mixture of some carrier oil. Some of the beard oils also made of vitamin E oil, in fact, some contain lightweight carrier oil that comes with soft and delighted fragrance such as:

  • Jojoba
  • coconut oil
  • sunflower seed oil
  • argan oil

Why essential oils are preferable?

Most of the people use Therapeutic-grade carrier oil instead of cooking oil. Well, the essential oils that are used in the formation of beard oils, some of them contains antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antifungal properties, therefore, never apply undiluted essential oil directly on your beard hair or skin underneath beard. So, whenever you are using essential oils on you beard, always mix them with carrier oil before applying it to your beard hair or skin.

Some of the essential oils are just perfect for oily, and acne-prone skin.  Essential oil like; lavender oil is more often used for dry or normal skin. Non-comedogenic oils are just flawless for all types of skin as they won’t clog your pores. Well, always avoid that beard oils that contain artificial scent, preservatives, or dyes, in fact, always go for that beard oils that are organic, additive-free, and cold-pressed.

beard oil how to use

When and How to use beard oils?

Well, most of the people prefer to use beard oil after taking a shower, shampooing their beard or after washing their face, as it is the best time to apply beard oil. Or always use them when your skin pores are open as it will help your skin to absorb the oil easily. When you are about to apply the oil, always make sure that the amount of oil that you are going to apply is not overdo, as it will make you beard look greasy. There are some tips that can help you to apply it:

  1. Take three to four drops of beard oil in your palms and then massage your whole beard in downward direction. Always do this when your beard looks damp.
  2. Always make sure that you have massaged your entire beard.
  • If your beard is thick and long, so always use comb to make sure that your entire beard gets the oil evenly.
  1. If you think that beard oil isn’t distributed evenly then you can take one to two drops according to your thick and long beard.
  2. After applying the oil style your beard as you needed.

Are there any natural substitutes to beard oil?

If you require some natural alternatives to beard oils then there are some of them such as, Mineral oil, argan oil, jojoba oil, you can use them without adding any essential oil. They can help to make your beard look soften and moisturized, well they are without scent. They are also very economical; you can buy them online easily. Many commercial beard oils are manufactured with all-natural ingredients as well. Natural alternatives:

  • Jojoba oil
  • Argan oil
  • Mineral oil

How can you make your own beard oil?

If you want to make beard oil at your home, then first you will need an empty glass bottle that has a dropper top that can help to store the beard oil for long time. Well, amber glass is more preferable as it can help to make your beard oil stays long-lasting and fresh. Now the ingredients:

  1. Select a carrier oil first that has a neutral scent and a light texture.
  2. Add some essential oil fragrances you like and you can choose one or more that goes with each other.
  • Now add five to ten drops of essential oil into three to four tablespoons of carrier oil.
  1. Your beard oil is ready, just keep it away from sunlight and store it at normal room temperature.

 how to use beard oil

How to store Beard oils in the most organized manner?

There are so many alternatives to pack them or to store them, well, the best one that you can utilize, Custom Beard Oil Boxes, as they are strong, durable, and sturdy. As beard oils are made of natural ingredients and they can get spoiled or damaged due to some climate circumstances, therefore these custom-made boxes are just up to the mark. They can help to keep your beard oil bottles stay secured and protective from any other adverse effects and unwanted environmental circumstances. Many well-known companies who produce beard oils utilize these packaging boxes to place their beard oils in the most organized manner

To conclude, these all are the main questions that most of the people want to ask. This article is an unlimate guide for those who want to know that what are the main functions and benefits of using beard oils and how someone can use them.

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