Ultimate Guide to Hiring a Software Development Company for CTOs

Posted on the 24 May 2021 by Botreetechnologeis @botreetech

As a CTO, you need to decide on a software development company that can build your product. It is a challenging decision. When you want to hire a software development team, a lot of factors are involved. Your requirements, the team's technical expertise, and their process play an important role in deciding the final cost of their software development services. But how do you decide that?

Your responsibilities as a CTO are diverse. You must focus on development, management, and even operations. However, hiring the best software development company and building a team of engineers is the most important one.

This article will act as a guide for CTOs to hire an onshore or offshore software development company for their project requirements. It will focus on -

  • Prerequisites for hiring the best software development company
  • Factors to consider while hiring a software company

By the end of this article, you will gain clarity about how to hire an enterprise software development company for your project. You can make the final decision once you decide the scope of work and how it can benefit your development process.

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Prerequisites to Hiring the Best Software Development Company

Before you hire a software product development company, you need to fulfill the prerequisites. Without having knowledge of your own requirements, you can't proceed effectively.

Here's what you need to know before beginning the process of hiring a software company for your project -

  • Define the scope of work
    This is the building block for everything that follows. Software development services are only effective when the scope of work is clear. You need to define -
    • Technical expertise from developers
    • Application development platform
    • Interaction capabilities of the app
    • Application features
      Timeline for your product
    • Goals of the software
      You need to define whether you need a new app or want to upgrade an existing one. Apart from these, you must clearly determine what you expect from the developers. There are hundreds of software development companies in India, but the best will suit your requirements without any gaps in the deliverables.
  • Identify your budget
    • An important step while hiring a software development company is to determine how much you are willing to spend. A budget will enable you to eliminate vendors that have high pricing. When you search for "software development companies near me" on any search engine, you must keep in mind the money you can spend.
    • The budget must include all the deliverables, including the support and maintenance for your application. You need to have all the money prepared until the final launch of the application, or the project is complete.
  • Set your priorities
    • And finally, you need to prioritize your project requirements. Who to hire and what to do comes after you decide when you want specific activities to be completed. There are different stages in the software development process. While upgrading the version, you need someone for data backup and then hire a software development team for version upgrade and migration.
    • Similarly, when the offshore development company works in sprints, it would help to identify the most important activity that needs the iteration. Prioritizing is important to determine when you need different experts at your disposal.

Factors to Consider while Hiring a Software Company

Now that you know the prerequisites, there are several factors that will guide you in making the decision. As a CTO, you will be responsible for taking calculating risks while hiring a company.

By considering the following factors, you can eliminate massive risks and make a better hiring decision:

  1. Timely delivery
    The most important factor is the timely delivery of project outcomes. When building an application, you must have a timeframe in mind. If you lose behind, your competition will get the advantage. You should hire an enterprise software development company that offers developers who focus on timely delivery without compromising the product quality.
  2. Technical expertise
    Hire developers who are experts in the technology you want. If you want Python developers, a dedicated Python development company is better than a general software company. They have the technical expertise of working with the frontend and backend frameworks. Some companies also offer full-stack software development expertise.
  3. Experience and Talent
    The more experienced a company is, the better they will understand your project requirements. A solid track record ensures proven performance capabilities. You should always check the industries served, clients, and the experience with your kind of projects. On top of that, prioritize talent that can bring a new outlook to your project and add more features.
  4. Soft Skills capabilities
    When you work with an outsourced software product development company, you need to focus on three major soft skills - communication, ownership, and collaboration. The biggest roadblock most companies face is when the developers are unable to clearly articulate their project status. Soft skills are essential for ensuring flexibility and leading the project to success.
  5. Portfolio and work
    Last but not least, the best software development company will have an exceptional portfolio. See their work and understand whether they can match your expectations or not. Their portfolio will give you an idea about what kind of applications they have built and how they can serve you. You will also get to know the features they can add and their design capabilities.

Apart from these, when you hire a software development team, you should also check their problem-solving capabilities. Every piece of code they write will focus on solving a problem. It is important to hire developers who can come up with new ideas and add that tinge of creativity to the entire development process.

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Hire the best Software Development Company for Your Project

More often than not, you can easily get stuck while deciding on a software development company. There are so many things you need to keep in mind, apart from the technical expertise. Ensuring that you hire the right team for your project is as big a challenge as the project itself.

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