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Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Perfect Engagement/Wedding Ring

By Meghashop @kumarisapna11
It absolutely feels like a dream come true to find a woman to spend the rest of your life with. And asking her to be your wife can definitely give you a different level of nervousness and excitement all at the same time. From planning about the perfect time to pop the question, asking for the parents’ (of both sides) blessing or consent, choosing the location and most especially, to buying the engagement ring that’s perfectly fitted for a princess.Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Perfect Engagement/Wedding RingIf you’re completely guilty about everything that’s been stated, stop worrying now because you’ve already found your guide. The only thing you need to do is to give this article some time and keep all the details in mind.

Fix and settle your budget

First thing you must consider before stepping into a jewellery shop is to fix or settle your budget for the ring. Having your price range will make it easier for the jeweller to present to you the finest ring for your budget. Don’t create a drama when you finally find out about the ring prices, because like purchasing other expensive things like a car, or a house and lot, ring prices are also negotiable. Don’t ever think to put yourself into debt only to give your girl the best ring. Isn’t it better to propose to her debt-free than starting your married life with obligations to mind?Fix and settle your budget

Give ample time for “ring search”

Looking for the perfect ring may take a long list of jewellery stores and ages. As soon as you’re sure of proposing to her or getting the parents’ consent and blessing, start searching for the ring. A couple or 3 months is the least time allowance for you to consider – whether you’re proposing or preparing for the wedding.  Give ample time for “ring search”This is for you to have enough time to browse, go from one jewellery shop to another, scan the prices, and finalise your ring choice. Allocating more time for ring search or ring shop is more important if you’re considering customised ring and/or ring designs.

Know her style and interests

Women have different tastes and interests almost about everything. Be it in fashion, music, food, and even in jewellery. As her boyfriend who’s planning on taking her in front of the aisle, it’s your duty to know her style and interests. Once you give a certain effort to know her style and interests, you’ll see that it’ll be easier for you to choose the perfect engagement/wedding ring. You must know whether she’s into a diamond engagement ring, Forever mark diamonds, pink diamonds, platinum, gold, and so on.Know her style and interests
Come to think of it, if you come up with the ring that she’s in love with, that’s a plus factor on you. She’ll absolutely fall deeper in love with you and will definitely say, “Yes!” to the wedding.

Take note of her ring size

As you go through seas and mountains to know her style and interests, don’t forget to take note of her ring size. It’s definitely devastating to see that the ring doesn’t fit her finger – this is the part which you shouldn’t screw up like other men out there.Take note of her ring sizeThough failing to get the right ring size isn’t a complete loss, but it will cost you more money and time. So, it’s still better to sneak out and figure out her ring size before you’ll end up into a tragic wedding proposal scenario.

Consider the quality and shape

An engagement/wedding ring is a symbol of your sincere and unparalleled love to the woman of your life. Therefore, it’s necessary that you check on the quality and shape of the ring before you finally purchase it. When checking on the quality, make sure to consider the cut, colour, clarity, and carat weight of the ring. Furthermore, if you’re considering the shape, you can choose on shapes such as round, princess, pear, oval, heart, and other variety of shapes that the jewellery shop might be offering.Consider the quality and shapeThese are only a few from tons of advice you have to know and keep in mind when choosing the finest piece of engagement/wedding ring for the love of your life. It may look a lot more difficult than deciding on proposing to her, but everything will be worth it once you made her say, “Yes!” to spend the rest of your lives together forever.AUTHOR BIO:Kath Ramirez embraced the dream of being a writer since she was in 4th grade. She took it seriously and she now writes for Musson Jewellers, an award-winning provider of the finest jewellery not only in 

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