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Ukraine Operation - News and Perspectives - Spreading Democracy Means Regime Change?

Posted on the 13 March 2014 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN
So, what evidence is there of the statement "spreading Democracy means Regime Change?" Here are two interesting videos that might make you question what's really going on. Don't forget to follow the links to Duclos and SCG (below) for the full picture.
The first one is the PROOF OF FALSE FLAG IN UKRAINE video that's doing the rounds despite (or maybe because of) youtube's technical glitch when it was uploaded by investigative journalist Susan Duclos.

The second one is from SCGNEWS, titled "Ukraine Crisis - what you are not being told" that makes a point of suggesting that China is on Russia's side in this conflict i.e. World War III.

Feel like you're being played yet? Well, forget asking questions and getting answers. This is the future, and it only gets worse when we allow the MACHINE of Corporate Profit to dictate what convoluted multi-layered cellularised value sets HumanityLLC should adopt. CORPORATE WAR WORLD means, "There's PROFIT to be made from Global Warfare," LOTS OF PROFIT.
Remember, be vigilant, check everything - even the contents of this blogpost.

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