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Ukraine and Russia: War by Any Other Name

By Stizzard
Ukraine and Russia: War by any other name

A “NON-LINEAR” war, explains Natan Dubovitsky, a writer, is how states are likely to fight each other in future—if they do not already. Individual regions or cities will form temporary coalitions, only to split apart in mid-fighting and find new allies. Each force has its own aims, and these too can be fluid. The war has many components, of which battle is only one element. “Most understood the war to be part of a process,” writes Mr Dubovitsky, and “not necessarily its most important part.”Mr Dubovitsky’s idea was featured in a short story published in March, as Russian forces were seizing control of Crimea. Its most telling detail is the author’s real identity: Vladislav Surkov, a long-standing ideological adviser to Russia’s president, Vladimir Putin. Mr Surkov’s tale is a fanciful exercise, but it is also as good a blueprint as any for the Kremlin’s efforts to direct the war in eastern Ukraine.After a ten-day ceasefire that was widely ignored, fierce fighting resumed in eastern Ukraine on July 1st. Both sides have suffered heavy losses. Pro-Kiev forces have resumed shelling with heavy artillery, including of civilian areas. The Ukrainian army claims to have…

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