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UberSuggest Vs Jasper – Which Tool To Choose for Blogging?

By Lisa @Lisapatb
UberSuggest Vs Jasper – Which Tool To Choose for Blogging?

Are you looking for a simpler way to generate content for your blog? Both Ubersuggest vs Jasper offer similar AI functionality. However, there are some key differences between these two AI blogging tools.

First, Ubersuggest is a completely free tool while Jasper costs $59 per month with their Boss Mode. (However, your first 10,000 words are FREE with Jasper!)

Second, Ubersuggest offers more advanced features than Jasper. Third, Ubersuggest has an easier user interface. If you are looking to start on your blog with a title and meta description, then Ubersuggest is for you.

However, if you would like a few paragraphs to make a longer or a complete blog post then Jasper is the tool for you. Especially if you have more than one blog or write content for other blogs.

ubersuggest vs jasper aiLearn which tool is better for your blog Ubersuggest vs Jasper AI

Ubersuggest vs Jasper for AI

Both of these AI writing tools offer some advantages for using AI for your blogging. They help you come up with ideas for your blog as well as for titles, meta descriptions, and a few paragraphs.

However, Jasper does more in-depth writing for your blog with longer-form content. You can create an entire piece of content for your blog with this AI writing tool.

There are several bloggers like Adam Enfroy who recommend Jasper for AI content writing.  He claims you can create a piece of art with the content tools from Jasper.

Ubersuggest vs Jasper – Ease of Use

However, Jasper vs Ubersuggest takes time to learn how to use their AI tool for writing. You will need to set aside a few hours and perhaps days to practice and get familiar with how it works. (Been there and done that!)

But Ubersuggest is quite easier to learn. Once you’ve gotten your feet wet with the Ubersuggest AI Paragraph Rewriter, head over to their AI Writer (currently in Beta) and get a full, AI-generated start to a blog post.

If you’re quick, I bet you could quickly generate the following with the Ubersuggest AI tool:
1. Keywords: Enter a keyword that you want to rank for.
2. Blog Titles: Select from a list of auto-generated page title ideas.
3. Meta Description: Get a list of meta description options to choose from (these are important for SEO).
4. Headline: Choose up to 5 headings.
5. Paragraph: Get the beginnings of the perfect blog automagically generated for you.
6. Save and share the document.

You watch my video below of how Ubersuggest AI works for you.

Jasper Features

Here’s how you can customize what Jasper AI auto-generates for you so it’s EXACTLY what you want:

  • Edit what the AI Writer generates directly in the app
  • Generate new suggestions if you don’t like what you see (paying customers)
  • Write an entire blog post (paying clients only)
  • Save and share your document
  • Copy content to your clipboard and paste it…wherever you’d like
  • Have team members edit for you

These can all be done in about a minute. Not only that it’s all based on a targeted keyword you want to rank for. It really is that quick and easy!

blogging toolsLearn to see which of these blogging tools can make it easier to write content faster and even better.

Ubersuggest Features

With Ubersuggest vs Jasper you have all these SEO features for FREE to use:

  • Free Google Chrome Extension
  • Content Ideas
  • Keywords Research and Ideas
  • Website Audit – Shows you the overall health of your website
  • Uncover the SEO issues impacting your website’s traffic
  • Fix your SEO issues with easy-to-follow instructions
  • Check if your site speed meets Google’s standards
  • AI Writing – Titles, meta descriptions, and one paragraph.

Jasper AI in Depth Usage

Jasper also offers a rewrite of your content as well as putting together an entire blog post for you depending on your inputs. You do need to have the boss mode to that which I have and love. Yes, it is quick and easy as well:

Tell Jasper about what you want and then watch the AI write paragraphs in seconds. You will be able to generate educational blog articles that are keyword-rich and plagiarism-free.

However, with its Boss Mode, you can unlock documents – which is the fastest way to write long-form content that is original and plagiarism free. You can ask for many content inputs.

What is an AI Input for Content?

An AI writing input is content that is taken in by Jasper to give you better outputs. The more input you give Jasper, the more you will receive in your outputs.

I usually ask Jasper AI for 7 so I can pick and choose which I like the best. Of course, you can edit them and use the content in your own voice to create the final blog post.

Furthermore, you can include team members in your dashboard. This helps keep your team organized and able to share files and projects as you manage multiple clients.

How Does Jasper Help With SEO?

Their integration with (not included) will guide you and Jasper to optimize your blog post to rank at the top of search results.

Don’t forget to turn on the SEO mode in Jasper to use it though as it’s not automatic.

Does Ubersuggest vs Jasper Aid Your SEO?

Since Ubersuggest is first and foremost an SEO tool, it surely does aid your SEO with the meta description and titles for your posts as well as optimized content.

You can use their SEO tool completely FREE. Or you can start with a paid version for just $29.99 (I have been using it for months now and love it!)

So you can use Ubersuggest for both SEO and AI Content Idea Generator.

Ubersuggest and Answer the Public Together

Did you also know that Ubersuggest’s owner Neil Patel recently purchased Anwer The Public? Answer The Public is a search listening tool!

Answer The Public with Ubersuggest gives you more opportunities for generating more SEO content for your blog or website.

answer the publicUbersuggest is now integrated with Answer The Public to help you write better SEO-friendly content.

Ubersuggest vs Jasper for You – My Suggestion

If you want the best AI writing tool and are willing to take the time to learn it, I’d recommend Jasper AI. However, if you don’t have time or money I’d recommend Ubersuggest vs Jasper.

Although Uberusggest is always updating its apps and services so I would not be surprised if they put more into their AI content-generating tool for bloggers.  Therefore, it will make it harder to choose between Ubersuggest vs Jasper in the future. (Stay tuned!)  

Answer The Public with Ubersuggest gives you more opportunities for generating more SEO content for your blog or website. #SEO #AIwriting
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Your Turn: Ubersuggest vs Jasper AI for Your Blog Content

Have you tried either tool to help you create content for your blog? I’d love to know which you prefer and why. Let’s discuss Ubersuggest vs Jasper or any other AI tools for your blog in the comments below.

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