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Uber in Israel

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
We like to say in Israel that Uber doesn't operate here, and that is sort of true, but only sort of.
Uber has operated in Israel before, and according to JPost is now relaunching its operations in Israel. But Uber operates in Israel on a different model than it operates in the USA. Israel does not allow ride-sharing systems, aka the way Uber operates in the USA and its native model of operations. Israel is concerned about protecting the taxi drivers and have therefore not allowed the classic ride-sharing systems to operate in Israel.Uber in Israel
The way Uber has and will operate in Israel, for now, is via the taxi drivers. The way GETT works in Israel. Uber functions in Israel, with the app and all, but only taxi drivers do the driving, not any Tom Dick or Harry, or maybe not any Moshiko, Udi or Yaniv.
So, yes, Uber is in Israel, but maybe not exactly the way you think it means.
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