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UAE Prepping for Influx of Kosher-observant Tourists

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
The United Arab Emirates Department of Culture and Tourism has sent the following letter to all hotels, "advising" them to prepare their hotels for an influx of kosher-observant tourists. They advise preparing sections of the kitchen for kosher food preparation, for making arrangements for kosher certification, and arrangements for kosher labeling of foods and for kosher certification.
It looks like the OU will be developing an entirely new market in a new region...
UAE prepping for influx of kosher-observant tourists
1. That is amazing2. If the Israeli equivalent government office issued similar instructions in Israel, it would effect screams of religious coercion3.  I am happy they are looking forward to so many Israeli (and other kosher-observant) tourists. I wonder what they will think about them/us about 6 months after the influx starts4. Is Israel preparing similarly in some way for an influx of tourists from the UAE?
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