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U for Unseen Reality

By Saleyourbooks Com
There's a fine line between existence and reality,

Is that our hope? To live long, without things going horribly wrong,

Or is it the goal? To do all things right, but only under the public light,

Things that go unseen are seldom rewarded with esteem,

Does it effects member of the society, who have forgotten such things as piety?

Will we simply become fossils? Yes, if we simply remain docile,

Or will we work to correct our wrongs?If so, we will survive the changing nature songs.

Let us retrieve what once was there,

a world with us in touch with the natural lair.

A world in which we did not try to dominate,

but one in which we did peacefully cohabitate.

I say to you my friends let us change our ways,

Let us sing again the songs of a forgotten yesterday,
Songs that put the bear, the bird, and main in the same realm,
The realm of equity, and only then we shall find ourselves back in reality.

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