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Tzaharons Opening at Beginning of November!

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
I was just given permission to post this information. It just became public knowledge. You probably cannot find out this information anywhere else online yet.
Good news for working parents (or other parents who want their kids in tzaharon in the afternoon)!
Before the Sukkos holiday the government recapitulated on its decision to cancel the subsidies for afternoon day care due to budget cuts. They announced that after Sukkos the tzharons would begin with government subsidies.
They have now released the information and sent out the letter with the details. see below. I will summarize the letters first.
Petachya, the official operator of the subsidized tzaharonim, is announcing that the tzaharons will begin at the beginning of November. The programs will have an enrichment program until 3:45pm on Sundays through Thursdays, on school days (not including vacation days). The program will include a hot meaty lunch with a mehadrin hechsher, will have social and educational programming and enrichment programs.
Registration for the tzaharons will take place from Sunday October 26 until Friday November 5th.
Registration will take place only through the telephone hotline at 073-320-0232 between 8am and 6pm (18:00), though the hotline will operate 24 hours a day though with less staffing.
Payment for tzaharon will be only via credit card.
At the time of registration you must have:
1. the official registration number of the school attended by the child
2. all relevant details (names, id numbers, etc..)
3. credit card information
in addition to registering by telephone, you must fill out the form (2nd page below) and submit it to the head of the tzaharon when it will open.
Tzaharons opening at beginning of November! Tzaharons opening at beginning of November!
NOTE: I just saw that my daughter in the Eitz hadaas system came home with a similar note today. They are running the registration directly and sent a form to be signed and handed back in to the school. I imagine that through them the payment will be via horaat keva or however the parent already payys the school, rather than via credit card at registration.
So, check with your school to see the appropriate way to register.
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