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Tyrannosorceress – Demo 2011

Posted on the 14 August 2011 by Ripplemusic
Tyrannosorceress – Demo 2011
Tyrannosorceress is a 5 piece Blackend Doom Death band out of the Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas area, aka for me they are some hometown dudes. I found out about this band while clicking around through facebook pages. Honestly, there awesome name is what made me stop and take a listen to them. Tyrannosorceress, that's just an awesome fucking name! Boy, am I glad I stopped to take a listen.
There new 2011 Demo simply titled Demo 2011 is pretty bad ass. This three track demo begins with my favorite song on this demo, “Age of Vice”. Simply put, it is amazing, it's dark and it's slow methodical metal. Musically this track sounds like classic black metal mixed with a little doom. It contains double bass filled drums and simply awesome dulling guitars. The addition of blackend doom vocals gives this track a little something special. Vocally the lyrics are easily understood adding a real “I want to stand in front of this band while they play and bang my head and sing along” feel.
“Thunderous Drums Emanate in the Distance
Their Echoes are Carried Into a Vortex of Fog
Cold Void Drapes Itself Upon the Earth
To Reap Souls of the Impure
Beings of Spectral Light Beam from the Cosmos
Chanting the Death Knell; Hymn of the Great Demise
In the Era of Malice, Discord Awakens the Age of Vice
Once Buried by Time it’s Unearthed to Feast Again
Reaching Toward Skies of the Stillborn World
To Behold its Infinite Fallacy
Devourer of Light; Spews Darkness Unto Me
Reveling in its Blackness I Writhe, Writhe Eternally
Fires Consume the Forests Oceans Absorb the Shores
Fault Lines Erupt and Quake the Earth
To Sanctify the Impure
Beings of Light Surround Us
Chanting the Hymns of Death
Ascending Beyond the Gates
Cycles of Death Reborn In Another Plane of Existence
Where Knowledge of Life and Death Exist No More “
The Dallas area is not too well known for producing any black metal style bands....”this is Dimebag country” said in my most hick Pantera loving voice. Did I mention I'm not really a big Pantera/Dimebag worshiper.... Anyway, Tyrannosorceress is a band to be on the lookout for in the coming years. I see a big future in this band, not just in the Texas metal scene but nationwide.
Tyrannosorceress goes good with: Abigail Williams, Vader, Aborted, Baring Teeth, Goatwhore, Kill The Client
Stream here: http://listn.to/Tyrannosorceress/player#t=0&pos=0&p=Get the Free Demo here: http://tyrannosorceress.com/

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