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Two Years & Update!

By Lostbutnotfound @lostbutntfound
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    Two years ago today I sat down nervous as ever, and wrote my first blog post ever. To be honest, I don't think I knew what I was doing, nor do I really at the moment, haha. I actually can't believe I've stuck with blogging this long- I am definitely one to start something and quickly throw in the towel not long after beginning. Blogging, however, clearly does not fall under that category. It's still crazy to think that I began this website of mine at age fourteen, prior to the high school madness that would ensue. Although, I am definitely glad I made that decision on that summer day and ran with it- I can't imagine having not built the connections with blogging friends and readers that I have. And whether you're a new reader or a long time LBNF veteran, you rock. No doubt. 
If you been keeping up with my latest posts, you would know I've been hinting at an announcement of sorts. I've known that I was going to do this for months now, but never actually wrote about it on the blog. I don't think I came and still haven't come to terms with the realness of it, and blogging about it would validate it even more. Anyway, enough of my rambling- I am delighted to announce that this school year, junior year of high-school for me, I will be doing a school year abroad in France!! I'll be cafe venturing (probably blogging with a café au lait in hand), hopefully speaking French on the regular, and just immersing myself as best I can in the time I have. The school is located about two hours outside Paris, so I can always swing by Paris Fashion Week. ;) It is just for one year, and I will be returning to my regular school for senior year just so you know. I hope you've enjoyed my posts these past two years and here's to more blogging in the future! *cheers* xoxo Isabelle

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