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Two Time "Legitimate DGU" Killer

Posted on the 28 May 2012 by Mikeb302000
Fox News reports
This was a gun owner with one notch on his belt already. Having a gun in hand, secure in the knowledge that he is the king of his castle, HE OPENED THE DOOR TO THE SCREAMING DRUNK MANIAC. That was his mistake.
To many gun owners, it would have been acting like a punk, or giving into the bad guys, to call 911 and wait. The macho arrogance of gun-rights advocates says that rather than do that, it's better to shoot and kill an offender, even one who is obviously not in his right mind.
What's your opinion? Can an incident that was avoidable be considered a legitimate DGU?  If the gun owners makes certain decisions that are wrong but not criminal, and it results in a shooting death, can that incident be considered legit?
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