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Two Scoops Of Chocolate Fudge Nipple, Please!

By Dreenaburton @dreenaburton
You read that right, that's nipple, not ripple!  Bit of a racy title, but for good reason.  I heard about this story a week or two ago and have been eager to post about it.  An ice cream parlor in London has quite a scoop, with a new ice cream made entirely of human breast milk.  It's called "Baby Gaga", and sells for $23 a pound.
Two Scoops Of Chocolate Fudge Nipple, Please!Before you recoil in disgust, think about what "regular" ice cream is made of... milk from cows.  When you think of it, that's pretty vile.  Would you go out to a pasture (mind you, dairy cows are NOT in pastures, they are confined in treacherous factory farms) and start suckling from a cow?  That idea is a turn-off, but we regularly consume the milk from these animals, in forms of cheese, yogurts, milk, and more.  What's worse is this milk is ridden with antibiotics, hormones and more.  Gross enough for you yet?
Listen, I wouldn't line up for the breast milk ice cream.  I'm an ice cream lover, but will happily choose those churned from milk of coconuts, rice, or other plant foods, thank you very much!  I just think it's ironic that this creates such buzz and shock when you think of the dairy that is mass-consumed everyday, without thought.
One other interesting note is that apparently the ice cream was temporarily seized by health officials because of safety concerns.  Granted, there might be issues here (though supposedly the milk is pasteurized), but I'm thinking shouldn't officials be more concerned about the health concerns linked to consuming cow's milk?!

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