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Two Faced Vs Two-sided

Posted on the 04 February 2013 by Doggone
One of the patterns we have to avoid in thinking clearly and critically is that there ARE only two sides to an argument, and that they must be opposites, rather than more nuanced, or multi-faceted thinking.  I haven't found that kind of thinking to be true of tea-partiers; they tend to gravitate to stark black and white, and then not usually factually well-founded. They don't see both sides, much less multiple sides.
Unless you count having a double standard for their conduct and everyone else's...they definitely see things one way when it is them, and another entirely when there is a question of good or bad conduct by others. It is an inherent aspect of right wing authoritarianism, which compels conformity, especially by others. 
GOP and Tea Party = Hypocrites.
Two faced vs two-sided

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