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Twitter Hashtags That Trend Popular and Can Rock Your Posts

By Lisa @Lisapatb
Popular Twitter Hashtags For Your Blog

Twitter Hashtags

Recently a faithful reader here asked which are the most popular hashtags along with the stats to go with them. Instead of responding in a comment I thought I would respond via a post for all to learn and read. I knew there were a few other readers too from my last post on Hashtags Today who also wanted to learn a little more on using hashtags in 2014.

Mayura always comes up with the great questions now, doesn’t he? It’s great when that happens because it makes us all think more, expand our knowledge and share with each other what we have learned.

I had briefly touched upon finding the most popular hashtags in my Hashcore plugin post.  One of the best resources I found for finding the trends on Twitter hashtags was

HashtagifyMe and Twitter Hashtags


HashtagifyMe is a great way to see what’s trending now, last week and those that are just breaking out. It shows you the 30 most popular Twitter hashtags at any given time. You can check back over the past week’s most popular hashtags. The breaking out section will show you the date and time it began to break out. When you pick one hashtag it will show you the top 10 related to it.

The company started this service back in April 2011. It was the first visual hashtags explorer. You can use their service for FREE or of course upgrade to a premium account and do more with their services. The price is reasonable at $5 per month. The premium would show you the top 50 most popular hashtags and the ability to track your own influencers. They now offer filtering by language with their premium package.

What Can You Do With This One For Your Twitter Hashtags?

You could check to see which are the most popular hashtags of the day and be sure to include some in your tweets if they make sense. Please note: If they make sense! You don’t want to upset your followers by using hashtags that are not about the content you are tweeting about. That would be a great reason for them to stop following you.

You may also want to pick a unique hashtag. One that can set you apart. You can register Twitter hashtags on Twubs. This is a great way to set yourself, your blog or brand apart. Pick a hashtag that can grow with your or your brand. I just registered #InspireToThrive – one I will start to use and use for a future Twitter Chat.

Tagboard For Twitter Hashtags and More

I learned about this one from a user on Biz Sugar Martin Lindeskog as I was working this post. I really love the visuals on Tagboard! Not only does it help you with Twitter hashtags but it helps with the other social networks hashtags too!

@Lyceum Thanks for the tip on Tagboard – I love the visuals with it :) #hashtags

— Lisa (@Lisapatb) January 12, 2014

You can create your own tagboards with Twitter Hashtags and from various other social networks. You can see the one I just created for Twitter Tips below.


Tagboard also uses the following social networks as well to track your hashtags:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Vine
  • Google Plus

You can also search, interact with, customize, moderate, and grow hashtag communities, all from a centralized and simple interface. They have a free plan where you can sign up and get creative with your tag boards or you can choose their premium plan. Their prices range from $49 to $449 per month. I’ve read you can embed your tagboards into your blog or website but it does not appear to be a function for the Free version. The above image does link to the actual tagboard so you can see it live.

Don’t Forget To Use Rite Tag Beta for Your Twitter Hashtags

The other great hashtag tool to guide you is Rite Tag in Beta. It is available just for Twitter but will be incorporating Facebook and Google+ in the near future.

rite-tag for hashtags

If you read my other post about hashtags, you would have seen my little demo on this one. I love how it works with the Google Chrome browser.  When you are ready to share from a website use their tag in the browser and quickly search for the best Twitter hashtags and schedule it within there. They will save your tweets with the hashtags and measure the shares and clicks of each of the tweets.

It also shows you examples of other hashtags that will work well with your choice. You have a choice to share now or schedule it. With the free plan you can do 5 per day.

So What Are The Most Popular Twitter Hashtags?

I’ve given you some great tools to check out the most popular hashtags at the time you need them. But what about in general? I know Mayura is curious to know. Here are some according to Twitter Trends for 2013:

  1. #Boston Marathon
  2. #RoyalBaby
  3. #Golden Tweets
  4. #Team PW
  5. #SuperBowl and #SB47
  6. #Oscars
  7. #BostonStrong

As you can see they are mostly from news and events. Some you would expect to see on the list and others because of the news that became history in the making.

Which tools do you like the best for tracking hashtags?

Which do you think will be on the most popular hashtag list for 2014?

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